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Too long

Well, too long never come in. Ppl say last post was in june. Been through the most sian week of July. Lost almost everything I have. Now, hopefully as I enter the new week, beginning on 18th Jul, everything will seem better. I'm now waiting for the clock to struck midnight. I'm so scared that I'll forget this very important day....

It's been around two years and I'll never forget this dae, 18 Jul. But every year, I chose to do nothing. Including this year. I even almost forgot. How can I? I even made a special effort to make sure that this date is recorded into my calendar as early as Jan. I guess its significance is slowly diminishing as days pass and I can't blame it. Why should I? I have not treasured what I have and I should be paying the price, regardless the outcome. But is it really so difficult to forget and yet so hard to remember in the same time?? I'll never know. Hopefully, the dreams will be gone by morning 0001 hrs.