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The thing about truth and opinion

My colleagues were discussing about truth and opinion yesterday. It started from discussion on LKY's book on hard truths. As in my history class sometimes back, I was a bit dismayed by the inability to distinguish the difference between truth and opinion. Such is the impact of postmodernism in our present day society. 'Thou shalt not kill' is your opinion while 'thou shalt commit adultery' is his opinion, thus we all have our opinions and as long as you feel that your opinion is true, it's good for you.

But is that the way? How can we even begin when people's mindset is that you have your own truth and I have my own truth? Just like that idiot director from MOE who insisted on this... as a civil servant, I grieve the fact that we have such people in the service, but that is another story. The thing is how do we even begin?

Citing from Ravi Zacharia, truth by definition is exclusive. It is possible for all the worldviews to be wrong but they cannot be all tr…

Reflections of an ex-usher

It only dawned upon me heavily a few days ago that I am no longer in Team Hope and have been 'removed' as a floor manager since 22 Jan, when I served my last duty as a floor manager. It was quite a funny feeling, considering that I have not wanted the change, though the change is for the better of the ministry and my own group. No, I was not removed because I have problems. I was removed because of the inherent problem in Team Hope. You see, in Team Hope, the turnover rate is quite high and people generally move on to other ministries after about 2 years of serving in Team Hope. The result is that the senior ushers have to keep on training up new ushers and people do not rise up in Team Hope.

I remember that there was one FM meeting at Soup Spoon, when the four FMs met up and we lamented that there was no one which seem to be able to rise up as FMs and we joked that we can remain as FMs forever if this carries on. However, the problem will remain and there will not be any rene…
This song never fails to touch my heart due to its lyrics. Indeed, our hearts can never comprehend the love He gives to us as He crucified His Son on the cross.

What now after YG Camp

When I first conceptualised the YG Camp with my team, we had no intention to leave like that as just a camp that fires us up and nothing gets done after that. Mission is an area of our lives which we need to follow through once we responded to the call. The calling to fulfill the Great Commission is a calling for all Christians, not just the 11 jokers who will eventually die for that particular calling. We hope to follow through on the camp, and indeed, WJ did ask the people to pray and respond accordingly. The rest is really up to the people to see if they will really follow through on their response. I hope I can.

For now, some of the things I know I want to do in preparation for what's next include:

Masters of Arts in Christian Apologetics
I was a bit fixated on an in-campus stint with Biola, when I realised that I could have taken a distance learning route. Having such a degree does not really mean I will become proficient in church planting, but on top of fulfilling my interes…