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It was funny

I guess at a particular age, there are things in life which you try your best to run away but you will fail to run away because it will come and haunt you.

Take for example, the prayer meet last Friday, a prayer call was made for all the people in the congregation who are either looking for a life partner in the near future or distant future (i.e. those who want to get married). The prayer leader wanted to pray for these people to find a life partner that God desired in us. Naturally I stood up with the rest of the brothers. (An interesting observation: none of the sisters sitting with us stood...)
It was funnier but it got even more funnier. On Sunday, I was returning from my lunch purchase and I saw my grandmother. She asked me if I have a girlfriend and whether I need someone to introduce a girlfriend to me. The rationale was that a normal 28 year old man should have had a girlfriend.... -_-||| I naturally rejected but I find it quite amusing that it's now my turn to be asked a…

The problem

The issue with being a student of theology is that I started to measure the practices and the things being said on the pews against what I learn in biblical theology. Very often than not, when I started worshipping during praise and worship, I begin to think whether the lyrics are theologically correct. When I listen to sermons, I begin to ask myself if the verses quoted have been quoted in correct context.

Such is the result for the quest for theological accuracy...

A day at the yacht

Latest LG photo... but sad not everyone can be around. It was a good fun day.

MBTI - again

I just recently arranged a MBTI teambuilding session with my division and along with the session, I also did a MBTI assessment on my personality and preferences. The assessment showed that I am an ENTP. I thought I should just document down some of the pointers so that maybe people reading this may know me better. By the way I think the description does somewhat describe me but in the light that this measures preference, the other combination might well describe me as well...

By being an ENTP, fundamentally, it means that I have a preference in the four areas:

Extraversion: focus my attention on the outer world of people and thingsIntuition: Take in information from patterns and the big picture and focus on future possibilitiesThinking: Make decisions based primarily on logic and on objective analysis of cause and effectPerceiving: Like a flexible and spontaneous approach to life and prefer to keep my options open

At Their Best:

Life is a creative adventure full of exciting possibili…


Just received my student card....


Honestly speaking, I have expected myself to be matriculated but I have never expected that I will be accepted on the spot. I went down for my matriculation interview earlier this afternoon. Sort of my first interview since I was accepted into MOH. Strangely enough, I was not that stressed out for the interview, but I found myself unable to articulate out clearly why I chose to sign up for AGBC when the deans asked me about it. Perhaps it was because all these were not due to a rhema moment but really due to small little events along the way that confirmed the direction along the way.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by the speed that they took to accept me. They asked me to wait outside the interview room for the outcome of the interview. Partly also because I was ready to sign up for the modules and needed to sign up by today so that I can enjoy the early bird rebate...

My first two modules for next semester will be Theological Research and New Testament Foundation on Monday and …