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Very long hor

Erm..... haven't been updating..... aiyah, it's just too many stuffs coming along.

Had some stupid ops duty going for the past to weeks. Too bad it's a night shift thingy. Luckily I'm being stationed at ..... erm.... cannot say. It's classified. What're you thinking? Spent the last two weeks with Lilong... and a lot of ants and a lot of thoughts. Thoughts about anything.

I thought I saw 'her' at the NUS bridge the other day when I was taking 963 and passing by that area. I'm not sure if that's her but あの 人 really looks like her. Her hair and the way she walks. But I'm not supposed to be bothered by this anymore. Yeah, I'm really not supposed to be bothered by this anymore.... but I saw someone like her again, yesterday at plaza. The manners of that person really resembled her. I just can't help but think.... She actually still occupies a large portion of my 'heart', and it may take a stronger 'her' to kick alway this …

Just like a typical weekend

Wah... so long never update my blog... so many short ones... today must write a longer one.

Today just happens to be PJC's openhouse, so took the chance to go back see see look look. Met some old friends but was quite surprised quite a lot never turned out. Never mind, had fun looking around at the juniors and seeing how energetic they are. Quite stunning to see Mac and M1 as their sponsers but well, knowing the council, I know that they can get all sorts of contacts. The fifth council looks fun... and innocent too. Today got mistaken as a sec 4 student... together with Kenny and dongxu and gang. So funny, but feel so good. I was ready to tell them that I'm from 'Nee Soon Secondary School'. Heehee but well, some people just blew our cover... but one day, I really must try going back and impost as a newbie. Play my juniors a bit... as long as I keep my appearance young, I should have no problem... I think. well, openhouse didn't last long for me, went off before noo…

Sad but true

Sad case, got my handphone literally stolen last week. Don't know which thief so desperate???? So many things happened over the past two weeks, also don't know what to do and what to say.....