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My day

Cute video.

I was talking to Hanes online just now. He mentioned that I dun talk a lot about my own relationship with God with him a lot. Hmm... maybe that's true. Maybe instead of getting my sheep to share their life with me, I also need to share mine with them also. Good to know that God still loves me.

Our everything

They reenacted this video in the Christmas eve service. I never failed to get amazed by this video.

Somehow, out on Christmas eve, I have missed out on another Christmas party somewhere near my home with another dear group of friends. I doubt they will ever read this for the past few months. Yet, there are two groups of people whom I can join for Christmas celebration on Christmas eve - with my cg and brothers and sisters in church or with this group of dear friends. My choice was obvious. For the past few years, it has been obvious also. I have said this for many times, but going for carolling is whole different plane altogether. I felt that I am directly blessing people on the street, compared to attending some self-contained Christmas party. And that's the case for me. My friends might find me a bit of goner or just off the board. But the thing here is that I dun want to be forever trapped inside the RC forever struggling to live as a Christian. I defaulted this year's gift…

Ze stool

cool video... just wondering how much do we allow Jesus to make our decisions? I figure that just by today alone, I have made a lot of self-centered decisions...

Toward the end II

It's after Christmas and now approaching the new year. We just had a splendid Christmas service at The Rock and our first uni-YA service at KYMC. The cg saw a new convert and a few more to come, in faith, in the next coming weeks.

I was looking back at my own spiritual journey for the past two years. Why two years? Because my journey as a spiritual leader physically began then. I was asked today what was my feelings when I rose up as a leader in the group.

Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task.

This is a passage from 2 Timothy. I was thinking back and realise that all along since my conversion, I have set my heart on being an overseer. Perhaps that was normal with my own upbringing and my own experience in my studies and such. But my experience with my first cg (the previous NUSA3) had convicted me that I want to rise up as an overseer. I remember writing in my own private blog to God, after a particular sharing by Mun …

Towards the end

Today I end my exam and therefore, my second last semester at the exam classroom is coming to an end. Reaching this point, it tends to give me a sense of nostalgia in this classroom, especially my own corner. Life has become more bearable after that lonely night with Bowen and more people began to join us since that day, though we ran into some problems and received a bit of scare. But it just makes me look back and think about my time that I have spent here in this classroom.

I started out here in my year 1 days. I wasn't a believer and we just arrived in the classrooms to study. I also blur blur follow the people around, since I didn't really have any place to study. But it became the place where I will witness Christ in everybody's life, especially the part where I see people praying for one another. That's what I saw and that's what I eventually come to believe in: Christ.

It didn't really start out the way that it has been now. I remember, we just come in …