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'Mid Moon'

Litting lanterns and sparklers, just the things to do in the 'Mid Autumn'. Today's moon damn round, man. Jio the rest of the guys from YRC down to play lantern and 'fire'- hehehehe. Had quite a bit of fun with the fires.... woooooooooooo

What a day

大変 です ね What disaster today.

Went down to help up in the lantern festival thingy... not exactly planned by our RC but we were just there to help out. Everything so cocked up. They encountered power problem the whole night- it was just lucky that they managed to get everything running smoothly. Then that IC from NAFA so unprofessional, even rehearsed his guys in front of the audience, don't know what he's thinking. The coordination was so bad... not to mention also the two MCs!!!! Wah lau, I think I can do better than them loh. Two Mainland ladies trying to emcee a grassroot event... what a joke. And they can't even speak proper english. Just a bit disappointed that the YRC's not down today... not to help out at least but at least they can have some fun playing the lanterns and candles.

Come to speak of it, it seems that we really haven't come together for quite a long time. Maybe it's time I initiate another happy hour. Too many things seem to have happened ove…

Fun sia

ええ,yeah, it's such an eventful day yesterday. At last I have a chance to chiong again. いい です ね

Morning was so disastrous, I thought I would not make it for the day. Had a 'so-called' bad fall into the drain and concussed for a few seconds. Enough to make the warrant officers around worried and get me sent into the medical center for checkup. Thought I may have to compromise my night for that. Medic said that I have low blood pressure! だめ です! 大変 です ね And my temperature also quite low, at 34.8. Luckily the MO said that I'm okay. Phew.... And why is it that everyone knows what happened by today??? Even LL called me to send his regard......

Afternoon was also bad. Took my stuffs at Artfriend and proceeded to Eunos for my driving. Horror horror!!!! At 4.35, Vincent called me and said that I'm late and I'm supposed to be waiting at Ubi!!!!! Damn, I almost walked away- he told me that I can wait at Eunos. ばかやろ!!! 畜しょ!!!

Then evening also lagi jia lat!!!!! Took the wro…

I return

今晩 は

It's night and phew, after a three days, I finally return home. What a week, to be doing guard duty for two days in a row. No time for me to relax sia. Can't really imagine myself to remain sane if I do another day. But so sian now, my earpiece snapped and now I can't listen to radio as I go on the move. Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  だめ です ね

Bought some comics along the way, but my long awaited 666 is still not out yet. Horror too as I found out that connection was cut and time had been wasted in my downloading.... ばか lah. Then my F drive died on me somemore.

Just change some features in my template, particularly the tagboard. Nothing much, but took me about 2 hours to get everything running, how sickening. But now, people can just tag messages into my blog. Well, of course, the session allowed me to understand my codes better but I'm still in the process of improving it. Anyway, I really like this template.

Tomorrow, I'll be going for my second circuit lesson.…



Yeah, today I change my blogskin to this FF8 skin.... I really like the background music. Really suit my feeling everytime I view it.

Say.... maybe it's time that I start learning the trades which I should have learnt long ago. I don't know... but it's a bit long overdue.

I keep wondering, what have I been doing for the past few days. Certainly a bit unproductive. Just had a potluck yesterday and seems to have engaged in a lot of interesting conversations as always. Thought of something to do for the chalet coming up and I think those kids will certainly like it.

Then, she suddenly flashed into my mind. Haven't I put aside everything regarding her? Why is she still remaining in my memory? Is it that there is no one I like enough to put her out of my mind? I don't know. July 18 was just two months ago. Time really flies. And gone with the wind. Maybe that's why I put up this skin and wants 'Fragment of memories' to play....

I guess that's all I…

Wah la

わたしは ホアンイエン です。 

It seems that history will always pursue the one who created it. Just went back to school on 31/08/2004. Talked to a lot of teachers. Though my results weren't the best that has ever appeared in PJC, my records are really hard to beat. For readers who don't know what I'm talking about, let me explain things one by one.

1. 1st in National Economics Essay writing competition in 2002. Certainly one of the only thing that I have ever done that helped to boost the reputation of PJC. From Mr Khoo, 'no one has since attained what I have'. Definitely not something I wanna talk too much, cos people have beaten me to it, only that they are from the top. The one and only miracle I have done for PJC as a whole.

2. History (S). The first and only history student in the entire PJC history to take history (s). Being what Mr. V Koh has said, 'the miracle student'. Honestly speaking, I'm really wanting to see the second one coming. The 'miracle'…