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Out in Sarawak

This is an interesting post, which I did not expect myself to post. Honestly speaking, the fact that I am able to post this did not do justice to the disappointment I had in missing the DCLTP camp. But nevertheless, I'm out in a Bidayuh Dayak village called Stass at the southern edge of Sarawak. It's a very rural area, no mobile network coverage... and there I am, in their newly built computer center serving the net and posting my blog.

I will post some photo when I get on the jungle. Note: we just 'crossed' the Indonesian border!!!

A trip to Melaka

I have not blogged for quite a long time, but that's considering the CNY holiday and whatever turmoil and work I need to go through for the past few weeks. Anyway, I returned from Melaka for a field trip. Here are the photos:

Checking into the hotel, that's Prof Farrell. And the hotel that we stayed throughout the weekend was called Aldy Hotel. Wonderful place. Right at the heart of the historic Melaka.

Some female classmates waiting to check in...

Some guys here. Not a very good pic taken, notice my finger? More to come.

My room, 311. I was the only one sleeping in this room. So effectively, I have privacy. The only downside is that it gets lonely at night, and sometimes, you get left out when others go out and do things.

This is a view outside my room.

Having a briefing by Prof Farrell at Bamboo Huy Bistro. The boss there is a funny friendly guy. We were preparing to take off to the Old Melaka across the Melaka river to view the social and culture history that has been preserved f…