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Interesting testimony

I like this song, for no reason

I'm not a fan of Wonder Girls but this is sure funny

I like this song, for some reason

Funny music

A few important questions to consider

I am just thinking about what are some right questions to ask when one is asking about religion. So I have decided to try and to logically ask a few questions to reach a conclusion about religion. Of course, these questions and my answers will veer towards Christianity but these are nonetheless questions that we should all consider.

To start off, when one is asking about religion, the first question that one ought to ask is why is there religion in the first place? Many people have different answers and many people may not think about it and take religion as granted. Perhaps one might even want to ask what is religion in the first place? But since we intrinsically know what is a religion, I will leave this question aside and focus on the why part. I will attempt this question by making a few observations, without actually providing a clear cut answer for this. Firstly, everyone wants the truth in their life. Tell me, who likes to be told a lie? Intrinsically, everyone is seeking the t…

Era of the thinking Christian III

This is a further extension or rather, an addendum to my previous posts on thinking Christians.

On the issue of faith and reason, I need to concede that there is a limit by which intellectual arguments and reason can go in building our faith in Christ. The downfall of this is that once we completely base our faith on reasons and intellectual arguments, we fall hard when people come in and attempt to knock away that basis by which we build our faith. This is true, and this is the danger. Helping out brothers and sisters in dealing with the intellectual stuff of the faith, I come to realise the limit. It is not to say that someone will come out with something intelligent to knock the intellectual in me down. But this is to realise the limit of human reasoning and investigation to build our own faith.

So what am I driving at? I am not saying that our intellectual pursuit is futile in our faith, but it has to go beyond that. We still need to learn to reason out our faith and be able to ma…

The men in white

I am finishing reading the book, Men in White. Just something to comment from the book. In the book, it mentioned that the PAP Old Guards and the leftists in the party were willing to give up a lot of things for their ideals and dreams. Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan lived in so simple a manner that the Old Guards or the moderates had to emulate them.

My thought is this, if these people can give up so much for ideals that are so temporary, then what say about us? Will we give up this much as these people did for ideals that are eternal?