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A response that demands a response

Close on definition. Atheism is either the lack in belief of God or the denial that such a being could exist. The first one does not, and could not take faith, but we will deal with the secnd one because that is what I am.

Strong atheism looks at the universe and points out that it is inconsistant with the idea of the divine. For starters, the universe exists. An all powerful God has no reason to create a universe.

Science is a process. The process has provided answers to many questions people had. I do not have faith in science. I trust that science works because it achieves results in the real world and provides information that fits together in a coherant whole.

Science is designed to be able to explain things. If it is possible to test, observe, examine- if it exists in other words, scientists will be able to examine it.

Just because something can't answer all questions is no reason to ignore it. I can't answer all questions because I don't know everything. The process of …

Time that I post: Sarawak!!!

A few months ago, my Sarawak trip, some selected pictures

Day 1:

We arrived at Kuching, Sarawak at around 4pm or so. Checked into Harbour View Hotel. It was followed by a small chill out with Farrell at James Brookes Cafe, before we went to dinner at this place called the Junk. It was good stuff there. Sarawak was basically part of the Brunei Sultanate before it was being annexed by James Brookes as a private empire. The population there, native one, has no direct relations with the Malays in West Malaysia. It has no significant historical links with Malaya until 1963, with the implementation of the British Grand Design, and the 'eagerness' of TAR. Its role in the Indonesian Confrontation that followed, is however the significant part in Malaysian history. The Sarawak river, just near our hotel is a huge one, compared to that of Singapore's one. The first day ended with the dinner at the Junk and after that was the fated match between Arsenal and Birmingham... no forgiveness…