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Silly British laws (Just for laugh)

They say the law is an ass, but you can now ride your donkey on certain roads in the capital free of charge - thanks to a repeal of the 1810 Westminster Sunday Tolls Act.

It is just one of the many bizarre British laws that has recently been removed from the rule book.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw is on a mission to remove or amend 328 obsolete laws under the Statute Law (Repeals) Bill, to be debated in the House of Lords.

These include an 18th-century law forbidding servants from organising "inside job" burglaries, and one passed in 1839 requiring buskers to clear off immediately if asked to by the manservants of irritated householders.

And the end of the Unlawful Drilling Act of 1819 means that you can now meet your mates if military training is taking place nearby.

But many wackier rules still exist. Did you know, for instance, that ladies who bare their boobs in public in Liverpool will be exempt from prosecution if they work in a tropical fish shop?

We've unearthed some o…

Budak Pantai

I just recently caught on this Acappella band, which CD I bought sometime back but only started listening to it now. Fantastic music. Who says Singapore got no talent... but pls no rock band or what.


On Wednesday morning, I had a spectacular start to my morning. At around 8 plus, I heard a loud bang. Since there was construction around my estate, I thought the workers dropped something heavy. So I continued sleeping. Then my aunt called my phone, asking me if I'm still at home. She told me not to go down my flat via the staircase as someone jumped off my block and committed suicide... I climbed out of my bed and looked out, I saw the body. Immediately, I woke up and went to brush my teeth.

Thought death only occurs in NTU or NUS or Jurong East? I saw suicide at Bukit Panjang. To me, currently, death is not really an abstract to think about, but something I see happening. Especially suicide. Wenjiang was sharing in service that if only we had rubbed shoulders with these people, things could have turned out different for them. I began thinking about why people commit suicide and went back to the bible. To the most famous suicide case in the Bible.

When Judas, who had betrayed hi…

Another cg photo

Haha, I like to blog about my cg. Here's another cg photo for you guys:

Front (from left): Zhixin, Angelina, Seok Min, Zelanie, Lee Yang and Shuyi
Back (from left): Jansen, myself, Nicholas

This photo was taken on saturday after celebrating Seok Min's birthday.