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Being skeptical of atheism

Ok, I once posted a something about myself being skeptical of the political opposition in Singapore. Today, I would want to try my hand on being skeptical of atheism.

A few weeks ago, someone I know told me that he chose to be a religious skeptic so as to challenge all that he knows about religion and hopefully able to find some answers amidst all the disagreements. What I could not stand at that particular time is that he told me that he's being skeptic, but his argument was always leaning towards atheism argument. So I questioned myself, is being skeptical of religion necessary mean taking on an atheism viewpoint? I told myself not necessarily.

And so I decided to think about the question of atheism. First, I would like to define atheism in my own terms. Atheism, for me, simply means a belief that does not believe in God. To bring it further, I would say a belief that has faith in contradicting faith. See the irony? But I'm not here to criticise on atheism, rather to express…

Christians vs Christ follower


Watch these:

The question for me after watching these videos is whether we are doing christian or being christian. Living it rather than doing it? Do we live it or do we show that we live it or we simply just show it?

Bringing joy to others?


Have my life brought joy to others? This is a difficult question to answer. For one, I know that my life have brought angst to people. Joy, maybe for people in church. But how about outside of church. This is one question I can't really answer for now. Perhaps... perhaps after I die, I will know the answer when I see the people up there. Perhaps I dun even need to wait till I die...

I just realised that I have missed quite a few weeks of Bleach and Naruto. I'm not going to let them go. Instead I think I'm going to catch up with them after I'm done with the exam.

This is a short post. Nothing constructive for my fans to read. But hang on. More to come soon.