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Why girls remain single: a commentary

I recently stumbled upon this blog post: In this article, it lists five reasons why many Christian girls remain single. And I summarise the reasons:
The girls want Jesus, not a disciple of Jesus.The girls want to be a princess, but refused to let the men be princes.The girls play 'hard to get'.The girls ask too much out of their potential spouses.The girls refused to become the right person whom their right persons are looking for.In this post, I would like to give some of my thoughts about these points, but I will like to warn my female readers here that I am going to be extremely ruthless in my commentary. So if you think you are a feminist or believe in what the feminist world says about you, then I propose that you click the 'x' on your browser tab and you will be better off reading some articles from 'Her World' magazine. Otherwise, I would like to reassure…

The assumption of our relationship

I chanced upon this article earlier on. I am no expert in the area of breaking up (and by grace, I pray that I nor the people around me will never experience that agony). But reading this article, it seems to me that the article itself tells of the assumption that we have in this world with regard to relationship.

The title alone seems to suggest that it is normal for a 20-something to break up. To each his own viewpoint, but I find it disturbing that we are coming out with a list of what not to say to people when they break up. It first and foremost betrays the emotions that a person has to go through in his break-up and thus begs the questions why even bother to go through such pain in the first place. In fact, is it even necessary to go through such pain and emotional trauma? That, may I suggest, is precisely the reason why Joshua Harris (a much maligned Christian author) wrote "I kissed…

The Trip Back In The Land Up North

In case you guys wonder where all the posts have gone to, I have been busy with work and preparing for my trip back in the land where Facebook is prohibited. This is my second trip back here ministering to the churches over here and half of the previous team came along. Below is a photo of the team eating bbq over there. We took a selfie together:

I shall not belabor my readers with a day to day account of the trip but i shall share a few reflection points over here. Firstly, this is the first time I preached in a church service, and in fact, I preached a total of 5 times in 3 different churches in 4 service settings and led an entire prayer meeting and 2 LG settings. In terms of ministry wise, this is a thanksgiving point to God, that He helped me and led me to prepare the message that the people at the churches here need to hear. Honestly, nearing the departure, I was still in the midst of preparing the messages and I was struggling over preaching a particular message on family, as …