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Fly me to the moon

Many people have sung this song, but I dun think anyone does it better than Utada Hikaru.

Being an outstanding young adult

Ps Simon Eng preached a very inspiring sermon yesterday from the life of Joseph. Without going too much details into it, we can learn from the life of Joseph that we need to remain wholehearted to God, be righteous in our living and persevere in our walk. All these sound ok and it sets me into very serious thinking about my own life as well.

There is a point there, that everyone of us has a potential that God wants us to fulfill and the three points preached yesterday are part of what we need to do in order to reach that potential. It got me thinking again about how our young adults often think about their lives in their daily walk.

I am someone who is extremely critical about how the students nowadays think and how they place their priorities. Take for example, it seems that today, students are all vying for SEP. I am not against students going for SEP but the attitude that people display towards this (I'm using this as a case study) utterly disgust me, without mincing my words…

Interesting article

Sustainability in Short-Term Missions

By ddyck
Created 02/01/2010 - 16:49
Sending teams and money isn’t enough; churches must aim for sustainable ministry
Matthew Schulte

It had been two long, hard weeks of work. We stood in the rain for hours shoveling mud, while dump truck after dump truck delivered more. Along with brothers and sisters of an impoverished community, we had poured concrete, set pillars, and ultimately constructed a new sanctuary. But was it worth it? Would this local church continue to reach the unreached? Would their congregation grow?

Well-developed short-term mission programs should place high priority on sustainability. When I say sustainability, I am talking about something different than carbon offsets and recycling programs. I am referring to the need to develop communities to maintain ministries without the indefinite support of external forces.

Western countries have been extremely generous with developing nations. Churches, governments, and NGOs have given large s…

I quote from Uncle Yeo's blog

“Some are habitually on time, others are habitually late; no one can be on time all the time, and no one needs to be always late. If five people have agreed to meet at a certain time and place, and one if fifteen minutes late, he has used up one hour in terms of manpower, for he has taken away fifteen minutes from each of the others against their will. If they are wise, they will spend that time in reading or in some other useful way, but the latecomer ought not to presume on their good will if he can possibly help it. He might have the boldness to think–or to say–that they need to learn patience, that they are to be anxious in nothing–all of which is true, but he is not the man to tell them that. What he needs to remember, long before the appointment, is ‘rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way’ (Rom. 14:13); that he has no right to waste others’ time.

Of course, no one can keep the phone or the doorbell from ringing just before he leaves …

Blood - life

I have been thinking about donating blood. Blood is such a significant component of our body, and indeed, our lives depends a lot on the condition and quantity of our blood in our bodies. Of course,

And of course, I cannot ignore the fact that Jesus had to shed His blood before we can attain eternal life before God. Such is the importance of blood in our lives.