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Discipleship to serve other

I was just thinking earlier. I had talked about whether the Church is worth building and if it is worth building, we should put our hearts and souls to build the Church of Jesus Christ.

Another thought came to my mind just now and I was thinking, the microcosm of the universal Church that I am in now is my local church and if it is part of God's Church, it is worth building. And if this is so, it should not matter too much if I receive my required dose of discipleship from the church. I am more than capable to find my means to receive discipleship from other sources but what's more important is that I do not get myself into a consumeristic position and demand that the church 'feeds' me with what I want and what I need. Rather, I need to learn to serve the church with what I have.

If the church is worth building, then the discipleship of the people in the church is worth the serving.
The question is not merely ironic. If what you're after is a marriage that will glorify God and produce real joy for you and your bride, it's also the wrong question. That's because the unstated goal of the question is "How do I know if she's the one ... for me."  The question frames the entire decision-making process in fundamentally self-oriented — if not downright selfish — terms. And it puts the woman on an extended trial to determine whether or not she meets your needs, fits withyour personality and satisfies your desires. It places you at the center of the process, in the role of a window-shopper or consumer at a buffet. In this scenario you remain unexamined, unquestioned and unassailable — sovereign in your tastes and preferences and judgments.  The problem of course is that as a single Christian man, not only are you going to marry a sinner, but you are a sinner as well. - Michael Lawrence, I think…

Providentially Guided

Note: the below is the text I have written as part of my assignment in my New Testament Foundation class. It was a spiritual exercise that made me reflect on how God had providentially guided me in my life so far. The first incident happened after I received Christ into my life during my first year in NUS. Throughout the four years in NUS, I was able to build my foundation in Christ, made possible due to God’s providence in the areas of finance and academic results. With regard to finance, I was able to obtain a study loan from NUS in my second year which fully covered my study loan and provided me with an annual loan allowance. With regard to academic results, God blessed me with good cumulative average points every semester. Thus by my second year in NUS, I was financially secured enough and academically stable enough to fully commit my time to serve the brothers and sisters in the University Ministry without the need to worry about these areas of my life, thus allowing me the capac…

Occasionally a fanboy

I was in no rush to grab the latest album by Jay Chou... but after listening to this song, I decided to go down after work on Friday to grab a copy of the album.

Guess I'm still occasionally a fanboy... at least this makes good entertainment over a standard CNY.