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A different trip to a land previously unknown

So I'm finally back from one of the most 'xiong' mission trips that I have ever gone for. The ones I went during my times in Japan were physically tiring but they were never this spiritually and mentally exhausting.

Due to the need to protect the churches that I was serving, I will not mention the name of the country and the names of the churches in this post. My friends who know me will know where I have gone to.

This trip was my first one with AGBC, and perhaps one of the many to come. For the first time in all my mission trips, I was to give teachings and handle all worship related stuff during all the ministering sessions. The preparation was on top of my normal ministry and schoolwork, so I had little time for myself to prepare the teachings, not to mention, I have to do the teachings in another language. But whatever my team has prepared, God seemed to have other plans for us.

We flew off on 17 Nov and reached our destination sometime in the evening, after 10pm. Our …
Just want to pen down some thoughts before I fly off for my trip.

Two years ago, at exactly this period, I was preparing myself to fly to Japan to help out with some of the relief work in Tohoku area which were affected by the tsunami. What I saw back then, I was not prepared for it. That trip changed my outlook on the Christian mission and I was prepared to invest more time in social causes, having in mind that these are avenues which God's love can be shown and demonstrated to the suffering world. Two years on, Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines.

The devastating news took a long time for me to realise the magnitude of the damage. But yet again, while we were having the special giving earlier during service, I felt that God broke my heart once again. And again, the same feeling came, and for a short while, I was asking why God would allow this to happen. The response from myself did not take long because regardless what is the answer, I was singing later "For You alone de…