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A new website

As some of you who have read my blog will realise, earlier this year when I posted on my stocktake of 2013, I did not mention much on what happened in Dec 2013. Follow my new website for more information on what happened back then.

Why guys remain single - Part 2

To continue from my previous post on why guys remain single, I originally wanted to carry on with practical advice on what single guys, who really want to tie the knot, can really do to get on with their lives and get a life towards marriage. But on second thought, I was wondering if I was a bit too hard on my own kind. Yet on the third thought, I decided that as men, we need to be able to take at the very least such tone, so I shall continue with my tirade.

So guys, let’s see what we can really do and examine some practical considerations:

Prepare yourself
This is a bit similar to my first point to the ladies, which is to prepare yourself to be the husband that the woman you are looking for is looking for. If you are asking for a virtuous wife who is submissive, caring, supportive of your ministry/work, willing to stay home to take care of your children, serves God in church, kingdom-minded, then you should be willing to be the kind of guy that these ladies deserve. On top of that, I w…

Should girls ask guys out?

To the author's credit, this is a thoughtful piece of article, although the concluding reference on Ruth is precisely what I talked about previously - the quoting of biblical references that are out of context. Ruth was forced to initiate the relationship with Boaz due to her circumstances and it was not the most ideal case back in her times.

Let's put it this way, if a woman positions herself in the right places, she may find herself in a situation when she may be building a close and yet undefined friendship with a man she is attracted to. While her created role as a “helper-complement” means that the pattern of leadership has to come from the man, this does not preclude her from taking the initiative to define the relationship and creating the environment when the man is encouraged to take the leadership role in his relationship with the woman. In such an undesirable circumstance when a guy refuses …

Philippians 4:10-13

One of the things about the conviction to study the Scripture properly is that sometimes you know that a scripture reference is being quoted out of context in public setting and there is nothing you can do about it. Or sometimes these references are quoted out of context in other settings and people just take it because it sounds so right at the time of quoting. One of my favourite of such cases must belong to Philippians 4:13. In most versions, it is translated as "I can do all things through him who gives me strength." And of course, because of this verse, Christians can do all things... including flying and walking on water...

And of course, because of this verse, Christians can overcome the stress of examination and go into the examination hall to score big on the exam even though they have no idea what the lecturers taught.

Because of this verse, Christians can go into the marketplace and perform all kinds of miracles, because we can do all things through Christ who giv…

Why guys remain single: a commentary

I never thought that my post on why girls remain single will receive a huge hearing, although some of the controversies regarding the tone and the content are actually expected and calculated. I took a calculated risk to do a post that addresses the issues as such. However, I have to admit that such a post on why girls remain single will remain incomplete without talking about the guys. And so, I will again take reference from this blog:

To summarise the main points, the 5 reasons why guys remain single are:
You are too desperateYou are not readyYou are not looking at the right place You are not forthcoming You are not clear  To qualify a bit, I do not entirely agree with the way this guy expounded the Scripture to derive these points but I don't necessarily disagree with his conclusions.

But to even qualify further, let me state out my theological views on gender based on Genesi…

A new beginning

As some of you would have known, I recently changed job and my last day with my previous employer was last Friday, 12 Sept 2014. I was just thinking through on my journey with MOH and felt that even though I have left the organisation, there are certain things that God has let me go through that has helped to shape my life today:

Firstly, MOH became the place where I was able to see through a process on how a marketplace ministry/fellowship group can be started. It was not an easy journey from the beginning, and we started with 4 pax in 2013 but God led more people to join us and by the time I left the organisation, the prayer group was about 20 odd people strong with more people joining us hand in hand for prayer each week. I believe that this is a ministry that God has led to fruition and it has helped me to see God's hand tangibly in the everyday mundane work.

Secondly, MOH unknowingly became my 'matchmaker'. I shall leave the story at there for the future.

Thirdly, I t…