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I have just reformated my Ubuntu... going to test out Kubuntu soon, once I installed KDE. Would try out new things I have always wanted to try on this laptop... sweet sweet.

I kinda like the sermon today... and the praise and worship too. Also received a good news from Julia. But this is not the post for me to talk about. Will update more.

Weekend at Pasir Ris

This is the entrance of Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin. As can be seen, no cycling.

This is Pulau Ubin when the sun is setting and as we leave the island after a beautiful afternoon.

We were on the boat back to Singapore mainland. This is Hongdao looking out to the big sea.

This is the jetty...

After Pulau Ubin, we went back to take a quick shower, before heading to Bedok North Blk 85 food market for a grand dinner.

The gang of MACHO Turbo brothers who attended the chalet. Namely (from the left), me, Hongdao, Wenjiang, Swee Leong, Eng How, Benaiah, Bowen, Zhengzhong and Weilong. Guanrui is the one taking the photo, that's why you can't see him.

This is me and Guanrui.

This is me, hongdao, Guanrui, Zhengzhong, Bowen and Swee Leong doing some spastic actions.

Us again doing some less spastic actions.

This is Ubin when the sun is setting. Like the other one.

A view of Chek Jawa...

Us walking through the mangrove pathway.

Us trailing on a dirt track in Chek Jawa.

More picture of us trailing the dirt …

Touching People Changing Lives

Certainly the business of touching people changing lives is an exciting one, and certainly, last night was a night when we saw people who are touched and have their lives changed for good, and we celebrated the 16th anniversary of one institution that has helped to bring about such changes, HOPE Church Singapore 16th anniversary.

I still remember last year's 15th anniversary at EXPO and I posted one super long post as below:

Yesterday saw the 15th anniversary of HOPE Church Singapore, since its inception in 1991, with just 5 members in the midst. Since then, the church has grown in membership and strength to a number of nearly 3000, planted numerous churches all over the world, changed tonnes of lives, one of those changed life is me. It's hard to imagine: a church that started when I was primary one, when I did not think that I would become a religious person or at least convert myself into another religion, and now I'm serving in that church.

It's really hard to imagine…


I visited the Swissotel @ Stamford just now, went up to the 70th level of Equinox and walked into the member area of New Asia Bar. I was there for a YP northwest district gathering. It was fun, though I felt that a lot of time, I was unable to join in the cliques which have already been formed...

But I loved the views there and through my Z610i, with a new 2GB M2 card, I managed to take a few pictures from New Asia Bar on the sceneries of Singapore from up high:


“Follow the notes upon a journey

At first sight marks one's destiny

Once the voyage comes to an end

Return lies within hasty key”

刚看完周杰伦的那部电影 - “不能说的秘密”。 就如淑仪所说: ‘是一部好电影’。


I was stunned at the end of the movie. Well, true enough that I have already known what happened beforehand in the movie, but the effects were really great. I thought that Jay Chou is really good in his piano, especially the part before 黄秋生 started playing guitar, cos I could really feel his sadness through the music that he was playing. But my take is that no one can appreciate the emotional tension of the twist towards the end without understanding the first part of the movie. Indeed, the first part is a normal love story, but I thought it was quite a good story. Dun know why, but I strongly feel that the first part is not just another storyline. I think Jay managed to turn a seemingly simple love story into an incredible story, and this must be seen in the lens of the first part. The audience would not be a…

I can only imagine... for now

I'm sure some of you have known that this is one of my favourite songs around. I'm sure some of you have watched the one with the father carrying the son music video. But this original MercyMe MTV is even more glaring in the face, when I was watching it. I began to understand the song even much more, and now allow me to post some of the comments that came along with this video:

this is a great song!!!! It makes me think of when my precious son p^#ed away,I can imagine the joy he feels being with Him everday!!
- Rebecca1976

I love this song so much! I was at my dad's bedside when he went home to be with the LORD. He loved the LORD so much and led 100's of people to the LORD, including almost everyone in our family. The first thing that came to my mind when he died was the words to this song. I could only imagine my dad standing before his Precious Savior. The song was a source of true joy that brought great comfort just imaging my dad actually being in the precense of the …


Not everyone can be a great artist, but a great cook can come from anywhere

I thought this was a great line from a great movie, Ratatouille. Basically I see the movie not only as a movie about a rat trying to become a gourmet chef, but a movie that depicts an unusual relationship between two unlikely friends. Even so, I thought that tagline sums up everything about that movie. It can be easily transposed into anything else... like:

Not everyone can be a great leader, but a great leader can come from anywhere


Not everyone can be a church planter, but a church planter can jolly well be anyone of us

Sort of telling us that God's possibility for us is limitless, and we simply cannot limit ourselves to those circumstances and situations around us. I guess such possibilities in my life include playing guitar at a cg level. Robert was commenting just now that I used to find playing guitar a chore, and now I can lecture him on how a song can sound like in a normal cg PnW session.

I often…

Few weeks back

Now that I have some free time which I have no idea how to use, I guess I can spend some time blogging down some thoughts or whatsoever.

This is the fourth week of school, and I just had a strenuous week previously, so tiring that for the past two days, Sy has been commenting that I look tired. No doubt, life back in school is tough, even when I'm taking only 4 modules. TR3002 is heavy, and that is the reason why I was so stressed the previous week. MNO2311 is relatively easy, and since I was going to S/U that module (just decided this morning when I saw who my group members are), it's not really an issue. HY2237 and HY3241 are standard HY modules, though I found out that I probably need to do some additional readings for both of them to gain some substantial groundings.

On top of all these, I realise that CLship in the Uni ministry is not easy after all. It was already not easy as I learned the trade during the long break. It's even less easy when school started, and with…