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Reflection on True Theology

"True theology occurs when the faithful respond with 'amazed recognition' to the theologian: 'You said for us what we had wanted to say all along but could not find the words to say it.'" - Simon Chan
Recently, I was reading when I saw the above quote. It sort of challenged my own thinking on theology. The context of this quote came in a discussion about how "elite" theologians in Asia had been talking theology that showed ignorance about the theological grassroot experiences and instead focused on high liberal theories that they adopted from the West without critiquing the ideologies and theologies that they embraced.

The whole discussion veered towards the notion of doing theology, highlighting that the church and the faith community are pretty much an essential component, just like the scholars who study into the original texts and other difficult texts written by authors throughout the years. A theologian who just sits on his desk thinking about…