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More reflections on CHC

A few days ago, the sentence was passed on Kong Hee and co. Kong Hee himself received 8 years. A few days later, he told his congregation that he hopes that there will be a closure to the church members on this issue.

It was perhaps more interesting to read the comments on social media regarding the case than just reading the newspaper report. The newspapers will claim to be neutral, will claim to be speaking out for the people. But as I read the comments, I can't help but feel a bit sad on the whole incident. I wonder what God has to say regarding this.

It was very telling that most people in the social media will proclaim their own judgment on the case, mostly claiming that the sentence was not hard enough. Some say that he cheated the congregation's money and he will never be able to compensate for what he has done. Some joked that he will be going in to start a cell group. Some people involved in prison ministry joked that they do not need to go back in now…

Of Saying Sorry

So the City Harvest Church saga is coming to an end. And all the six, including Kong Hee, are being judged to be guilty. For more information, you may read from here.
I have some thoughts regarding this whole entire episode. 
Firstly, for Christians, this is not the time to be discouraged. The whole episode cast a dent to Christianity in Singapore but for us, it may be a defeat but we need to be comforted by the fact that this is not the end. In the larger context, the Devil may tempt Christians to become bad testimonies for the Kingdom but this does not change the fact that God has already won the war through Jesus Christ. The Scripture, such as Revelations 19:11-21, promises that Jesus will come back again and when He is back, he will bring forth the final victory over the evil ones who are waging war against Him. The work of the Kingdom, therefore, does not end with what happened with City Harvest but it will continue on, just as how churches have suffered over many years of persec…