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Four Thoughts From Research and Ethics

Over the past one week, I was taking a class on Research in Ethics. It is a bit unfortunate that I have to take the class since I have already cleared my research module eons ago. Nevertheless, taking this class allows me to do some reflections on some interesting ideas that were discussed during the class.

Apathy and Action
It is easy for Christians to be apathetic to the current affairs that happen around them and one way to show apathy is to avoid having a position, or having too simplistic a position towards these issues. These issues include LGBT lifestyle, abortion and even environment. I realised, even in the course of my work, that many Christians do not have a clear position on these issues. Yet, is that what God really want for us? 

Indeed, we received the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, but that also includes teaching all that the Scripture teaches us about this world. This means that if there are issues that God is concerned about as depicted in the Scrip…

On 2015 - Another Year of Transition

And so 2015 has passed and 2015 is yet the year when I got even less productive in my blogging. This is partly due to more things occupying my mind despite having a less hectic job. Here's some major reflections on my 2015.

A Year of Transition

One major transition in 2015 was in church ministry. A number of major changes allowed me to follow through on my last reflection and get even more clarity in what to focus on in terms of my service to God. Firstly, there was a major restructuring in church which means that I had to make major decisions with regards to my lifegroup and leadership. The end result of this was that I disbanded my lifegroup and moved on to another lifegroup. Of course, I sought to ensure that my lifegroup members were properly settled before I really move on. This, to me, signifies a temporary pause to lifegroup leadership and moving to a new lifegroup where I am not in leadership. This is a huge drop in terms of ministry commitment.

The second change is the mo…