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Endless rattling. Just go lah!!! Talk so much for what?

Something I've been learning is that we should watch and see what God is doing around us and join him. Instead of coming to Him with a list of things we want, even if it is what we think He wants, and demand by faith He gives that to us. Is that true faith? Or a spoilt child insisting his way? What if God has something much better but because we are too stuck onto what we want, we do not ask Him and we cannot hear?

A sister quoted this in her blog. It's quite obvious it's her own quote. However, it set me thinking about a lot of things. Perhaps I have been taking granted for this for quite some time and have not really thought about how people feel on the other end.

This sister has pointed out to me this issue sometime back, that sometimes we dun seem to be following what God wants for our lives. This was in context of outreach. It was a fair statement, and I agree that sometimes, we tend to follow our own path and not seek for God's direction.

I just wonder, sometimes …

Unlegalistic Unconventionalism

I think I need to let you all know more about my Hong Kong trip first before I carry on updating on some thoughts that I had. But warning: I have no pictures to post... so too bad....

Yes, I went Hong Kong and I came back. The timeline was from 4 Sept to 7 Sept. We flew on Thursday morning and touched down at Macau at around 1plus afternoon. And me and Mich reached the hotel at 6pm at Tseun Wan Panda Hotel. It was a tiring travel for both of us but we were quite refreshed when we joined the HKU cg later in the evening. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing.

Friday saw the beginning of the LC. The topic's on indigenous church. In summary, it's about local churches needing local leaders to rise up and run the church. It's closely tied to missions and church planting. And for the second time since the Hope Bangkok BLM seminar, I was very convicted on mission and church planting, though I have not have a country in mind. The workshop I attended in the afternoon was titl…

Why faith cannot be excluded from academic studies

HY4101 is getting a bit intellectual. But for the first time in the course, I began to have my own viewpoint on the issues discussed in class. Fortunately or unfortunately, the topic is about Christian historiography, the topic that me and my group were supposed to present on.

Dr Mark Emmanuel today gave a rather... crappy and incomplete lecture on Christianity, and therefore Christian historiography in my opinion. The most pertinent issue that I think he didn't address properly is the God in the OT and the God in the NT.

However, before I risk my own grade and start criticising him on this, he mentioned that faith is one thing and learning about how Christian do history is another. One is just faith and one is an academic exercise. However, this is one point that I begged to differ. The reason is simple. He mentioned that some of the points he raised will be confronting for Christians, ie challenging to the faith, and yet there was the claim that it is just an academic exercise. …