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Is there?

How to create misundearstanding? Wow, a question no one would be crazy enough to ever go in depth with. But today, since I have already established myself as a mad person, I think it's an interesting question that rose out of a casual discussion with one of my friends.

But I would like to touch on misunderstandings of the affairs of the heart. A lot of you all should have experienced something like this before: a person suddenly appears into your life and this person treats you so nice. In animal sense, there is two interpretations.
Interpretation A: This person treats me so nice, so I must be a god/godess. Interpretation B: This person treats me so nice, so he/she must be a god/godess.
In normal human sense, and I mean really normal human sense, there are two interpretations.
Interpretation 1: This person treats me so nice, so he/she must like me.
Interpretation 2: This person treats me so nice, but he/she is a friend.

There can be a lot more interpretations but to outsiders, it ma…


Study and study and study... any point?

You say, to study and get a degree and you can become successful.

But then, think again. Today I attended my philosophy module and it does sort of suggest this, at least by Socrates. According to the dialogues I'm studying, it suggested that success is something which cannot really be taught, let alone achieved by anyone. It does however, go along with the point that if you wanna be successful, say in the field of dentistry, you have to be good in dentistry. I have no problem with that, since specialised professions nowadays have specialised knowledge which common layman would not comprehend without training from the experts. But this is relatively easy to achieve as long as you mug... yeah... mug mug mug. But given the current situation, it's difficult to be a successful dentist (just as an example) just by specialising on the stuffs you are supposed to be specialising in.

They may argue that those so-called success books and talks held …

When the light shines across

'As you get closer to the light, your shadow will get bigger'

When the light shines towards you, do you shun it, or do you embrace it? Perhaps the reason why people choose to shun it is because when light is shined directly towards you, you are unable to open your eyes to really see what's in it for you. As the light gets closer, your shadow gets bigger. The darkness gets darker. In other words? The more you dream of, the more you hope for, the more it seems unlikely to be achieved. You starts to ask yourself, if this is really the road you really should embark on. You starts to ask yourself what if the destination is not where you wanna be. For people who believes in any religion, do you really think that your God/gods/deities/whatever will let you take the path you should not be taking in the first place meh? That is of course assuming that you trust in your religion a lot lah. For the free thinkers out there, what you become arises from what you believe. Open thy eyes an…

If by faith

L ife
I nvestment
F aith
E xperience

Hmm...., to have a life.... what does it mean to have a life? Let's look at one scenario:

(Ne is sitting at the table by the Engine Bridge at NUS, reading his books and doing his tutorial. Hp passed by...)

Hp: Get a life, Ne. Dun keep mugging and mugging. Let's go for a hip hop party sia.

Ne: Life? What seems like no life to you right now is my LIFE, Hp.

Hp: What? You actually call mugging your life?

Ne: Just like you call partying your life.

I'm just being lame but not everyone defines life the same way. Does going out for party and hanging out with friends mean having a life? Does 'mugging' all day round mean no life? For me, having a life means living my life to the fullest, with what I have translated above.

L stands for love, and I'm not going to talk too much about it.

I stands for investment. Time is short and always against us. We hav to invest our time well, to make sure that whatever time we invest in will bring us rewards.


Boy-Girl confession

The guy:
I see her... my heart stopped beating.... I can't feel my heartbeat... or is it just beating too fast???? I sweat... feel like dehydrating. I'm speechless, I dun know what to say to her, I dun know what to do... I... I... dun know what to do...

The girl:
Well, he's there... what is he waiting for? You mean he asked me out just to stare blankly into the sky? If you like me, just spell it out!! I'm waiting... I'm waiting... I'm waiting...

I have no experience of confession to the girl I like before, so I don't know exactly what's the feeling like. I hope that I have emulated the thoughts well (at least for the guy part). But today, a friend asked me, how should someone hint to another person that he likes her (or him, depending on your own sexuality, but I'm assuing heterosexual readership) or that she likes him? I have no clear answer for it, since I have no experience. But standing from a…

Logical? Illogical?

I just came across this case in my math lecture, which I wanna share with my fans:

During one of my ICTs, my platoon commander, who is a man of absolute integrity (ie, a man who can be trusted), inform us on Sunday that there will be a surprise night training that will take place in the coming week, ie Monday to Sunday and we will be informed on the noon of the day itself. He assured us that the operation will come unexpected.

But then, based on logic, the operation will not happen at all. This is because:

i) if the operation doesn't happen from Monday to Saturday, then it will mean that it will happen on Sunday. But assuming this situation, it will mean that the operation will be expected after Saturday afternoon, before the announcement on Sunday afternoon, since there is no announcement from Monday to Saturday regarding the operation. Therefore, the operation can only happen from Monday to Saturday.

ii) but if the operation then again doesn't happen fom Monday to Friday, then …


L-O-V-E, this is perhaps the most complicated word in the entire dictionary. People have spent their entire life trying to figure the meaning, people live their lifes without experiencing it, people have the tendency to take it for granted. To me, it's a third of what people need to obtain ‘幸福’, or what is called 'happiness', 'bliss', whatever.

There are three types of love, in my viewpoint, that exists in this world of ours, and most of us would need all three.

1) Religious love
I'm sure this is not stranger to a lot of my fans and readers. But to be a bit more clear, it can be rephrased as spiritual love, love from whoever you believe. This I think I dun need to explain too much about it, since I'm not an expert and the last thing I want is my friends coming to me and start all those debates again.

2) BGR
Okay..., I know this is lame, but it's true for most people, unless you tonsured and become a monk or hermit. Of course it can be BBR or GGR, but I'…
'Aye, fight and you may die. Run, and you'll live. At least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that... for one chance... just ONE CHANCE to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take out lives, but they will never take OUR FREEDOM!'

'Every Man dies, but not every Man really lives' ~ William Wallace, Braveheart

I think that many of my blogfans would have noticed, the second quote is a repeated one. But what really struck my mind today is the issue of quote 1 with relations to quote 2.

I have addressed a lot of issues on success and dreams till date, and today I would like to touch a bit on the issue of regrets.

There are many regrets in life, too many regrets that things would have turned out differently if we go back in time to set everything straight one by one. What can we do with all these regrets? Do we live in the past along with these regrets or do we carry on hoping that…

When a guy....

When a GUY is quiet and is
He's is thinking how good you're, Miss
When a GUY is lying on his bed,
He is thinking deeply why he loves you.
When a GUY looks at you in your eyes,
He wants to tell you how much he loves
you and
how important you're.
When a GUY answers "I'm Fine" after
He is not and feels hurts.
When a GUY keep asking you the same
He is wondering why you are lying.
When a GUY hugs you while sleeping,
He is wishing that you belongs to him
When a GUY calls you everyday,
He Miss You and wants your attention.
When a GUY wants to see you everyday,
He cares for you and want to know how
are you
When a GUY sms's u everyday,
He wants you to know he is fine.
When a GUY says I love you,
He really means it.
When a GUY says that he can't live
without you,
He has made up his mind that you are his
When a GUY says "I Miss You",
He wants to see you immeditely.

Who thinks this is BS? Honestly, it may be true or it may be fa…

I dun know what to say

Today is a free day....

A free day after a tiring National Day....

A free day....

Nothing to do....

Did some readings but then....

Tried to learn my guitar....

To no avail....

I'm so bored....

Does having nothing to do a free thing after all? Doing nothing constructive and just spending your time rotting away....

NDP@Yishun was fun, the best part being able to see fireworks up close. The fireworks was even better than the one I saw at Marina a day ago, cos it was too up close in Yishun.... The 'Reach for the sky' Dance was fun, though I dun understand why people just dun appreciate the fun behind it. They think it's stupid, they think it's lame... but just face it, it's there for us to enjoy,, just enjoy lah. There is no need to criticise here and there, just enjoy lah. sometimes, there is no need to set too high of a standard, or else you may find yourself too 'out'. I believe that when people are together, we ought to have fun together, and go crazy about it. …

Mad people

I think I am mad... along with other mad people around the world and ages. People who do things which no others do are being deemed as mad. This is evident in history, like the following few mad people I'm going to show you:

1. Christopher Columbus
He is surely one mad person. At the age where everyone believes that the world is flat, he chose to believe that the world is round and indeed, spent all his fortune, in order to get sponsors for his project. He had the theory (though we know it's no longer a theory now) that if he sail in one direction, he would eventually come back to the same place. Therefore, he set off. With a fleet of three ships, he sailed towards the west direction of Europe, hoping that he would reach India by that direction. For a thousand plus days, he sailed and sailed. When he found the New World, aka America today, he only had one ship left, with mutiny on the verge. when future generations read his diary years later, there was only one thing written in …

Handling heartbreaks

Nothing is worse than someone breaking your
heart. To need somebody so badly and then to
have to let them go is hard. And as we grow older,
the more people break our hearts, the worse it can
feel each time.

Broken hearts are depressing, embarrasing and
difficult. Fortunately, heartbreak doesn't last

Let yourself let go

In dealing with a broken heart, the first thing is to
let go completely. If it was not meant to be, then
just let them go, and trust that someone better is
going to come along. If we go back to that person
who broke our hearts, they will see us as nothing
more than defeated, and we would risk
embarassment. A good way to just let go is to
resist the urge to return, and simply avoid calling
them on the phone, emailing or contacting them

Feel your heart

It's okay to feel bad. Take some time to feel bad.
Take a walk by yourself, or listen to some sad
music. There is value to every feeling, as every
feeling teaches us something new about

Talk to somebody about …

My shortest post

Basically, this will be the shortest post since my comeback into the blogging world.

One thing: to all my readers, I have never meant to design my posts to be religious in nature. I dun intend to do so now and I dun intend to do so in the near future. If people have seen my posts to be religious in context, or have tried to see it that way, I think I would have to disappoint a lot of you. I have meant my posts to be secular in nature and I hope that it will remain that way no matter what happen.

Do you believe that you can fly?

I used to think that I could not go on
And life was nothing but an awful song
But now I know the meaning of true love
I'm leaning on the everlasting arms
If I can see it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it
I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
See I was on the verge of breaking down
Sometimes silence, it can seem so loud
There are miracles in life I must achieve
But first I know it starts inside of me - R.Kelly

How many of us do believe that we can fly and touch the sky? Is it that there is more fun having low confidence? I know of a friend who have so low confidence in herself that she dun know what she wanna do and she dun wanna think about it. She starts thinking about doing things that she deemed lowly but yet suitable for her ability. She keeps saying that she regrets h…