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hehe, ppl complain that I'm not updating, so I should by some courtesy, do some update.

well, a lot have happened. a lot to absorb, a lot to digest, a lot of new changes. but the tough times determine who's the toughest and I always have the confidence that I'll emerge as the One, cos I am Who I Am. hahahaha.

hmm... too bad xiao ming is gonna ord soon. I'll keep thinking of ways to make the MO know that it's time to upgrade him. Too sad Mr Herd left, but I'm confident that he's going to be back one day, baaaaaa!!!! camp getting more busy, too few ppl left here..... :...( t(''t) too bad lah,Well, back to school on Tuesday, 24/8/2004, been thinking about the stuffs I have achieved for PJC. Starting from the first day-becoming a student councillor, winning the National Economics Essay Writing Competition for PJC the first time in PJC history, S paper for history (maybe the first and the only one in many years to come), maybe the first top arts student …