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What now after God showed His Trump Card?

And so the U.S election ended on Wednesday with an unexpected victory for Donald Trump. There had been many analysis pieces that try to make sense of what happened in the United States, similar to the June Brexit. Some have even likened what happened this year to the times of Nazi Germany. And some took the opportunities to highlight some supposed prophecies by some self-proclaimed prophets who prophesised that God is going to make use of Trump to be His Trumpet...

But I am not writing today to talk about why Trump won. Honestly speaking, I remained agnostic towards the results. Firstly, domestically, the internal ramifications of the results are too far away from Singapore for us to feel the impact, although the developments will undoubtedly affect the global economy as well as the global stances towards certain issues. Secondly, voting for both candidates are like choosing between Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, it's between the lesser of two evils. But I want to take this opport…

What the US Presidential Election Teaches Us in Singapore

(Originally sent out as an article under Eagles' Simply Proclaim)
I’m writing this at a pivotal time in history. By the time you read this, Americans will have chosen their 45th President—and the course their country will take for many years to come.

We in Singapore are generally not Americans, but the United States’ role as a global power means that it will indeed affect us in some way. The Internet provides us with just as much ability to comment and be updated as they have.

So what does this have to do with preachers here in Singapore? How can local preachers engage meaningfully with this important event?
Preach Jesus, not politicians.

It’s no secret that this is one of the most divided electoral climates in US history—perhaps even more so than Singapore’s. American society is sharply polarized, and even if you are not living in the US, you may be prone to take sides and harbor your own hopes for your preferred candidate.

Whatever the case, we are to keep Jesus’ rule front and center…