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Of history and honours

Today I attended my last lecture for my special semester and attended the history honours briefing. Finally I have this day to be seated together with my fellow history honours and get briefed about the history honours year. Finally, the time has come for the last and most eagerly anticipated phase of my university academic career.

I just thanked God that I am able to take 2 level 4000 modules last sem. This semester, as you would have seen in my previous posts, I'm taking 5 history modules. Which mean that I will only be taking 1 level 4000 module and writing 1 HT next sem. Oh, also looking forward in building more meaningful relationship with my fellow classmates....

The coming of the end of my Special Sem Saga

Dear Huanyan,

The module has not been dropped and is currently in your records. No refund of the fees will be made then.

Thank you.

Special Term Module Registration Helpdesk

So, I will be taking the module and the exam, and get it over and done with. Finally this thing is coming to an end and i'm going to resume life as normal......

It started 4 weeks ago when I found out about the special sem screw up. It's ending 4 weeks later. I had wanted to drop the module in the first week, but right now, it's no longer a case. I wanted to complete the module since I have confidence to do well in the module....

Finally, the end of the saga is coming. hahahahaha


This semester, I broke yet my record and bidded 2443 for one history module. Here's the module that I'm taking:

HY2242 - Singapore Military History, 1 point
HY3238 - US Political History, 1 point
HY4101 - Historiography and historical methods, 1 point
HY4210 - Issues and Events in Malaysian History, 1 point
HY4218 - Rise of Modern Japan, 2443 points

Total points: 2447 points

Hahaha, most expensive semester....

Happy or sad?

Dear Huayan,

We are sorry for the delay.

We have looked into your case and will like to inform you that the module GEK1003 will be dropped without any grade penalty. We will notify you again once the module has been dropped.

The fees paid for the module will be refunded back to you. Please allow some time for the Office of Financial Services to process the refund.

Thank you.

Special Term Module Registration Helpdesk

Should I be happy or sad, now that I have already attended all the lessons that I have attended, submitted all my assignments and now preparing for the exam that this email comes?

I dun know. But what I do know is that if I choose not to complete this special sem, I will only be having my convocation next next year....

My new manga bible

I went to Believer's Music on sat and I saw something that I like a lot. Seldom do I buy things on such impulse.

And here you are. Manga Bible, NLT version. The manga only summarises the main stories of the bible and the main text is translated in NLT. Quite cool, if you ask me. But this bible brought a new light regarding the bible to me. That the bible tells the story of Jesus right from the beginning. And the publisher chose manga as a way to tell this story. Cool.

Politics and charity

Politics. I was following a bit on the news in Malaysia recently, the one with Anwar. It seems that Anwar is going to face the same nightmare that he faced a few years back, just when he's about to revive his political career. Well... so far still ok, but I'm waiting to see the outcome. This brings me back to one of the readings that I have read recently for my module as well. It's about election. So really, seriously speaking, got me thinking about Singapore politics.

I have written some time back about my skepticism of the opposition. It is, till this very day, my beliefs that people who criticise Singapore democracy dun know what they are talking about. By criticising Singapore elections as gerrymandering, I think people missed out the fact that this takes place in one of the most 'democratic' country in the world, aka USA, which happens to be the standard model that these people use as a counter model to Singapore politics.

Of course I dun claim to know what I …

When life gives you unexpected stuff (aka bombshell)

I registered for the special semester II a few weeks ago. Then my registration was unsuccessful. Then I sent in an appeal and did not hear of it since then.

Then, I found out today, after all the deadlines for dropping the module are over and after 2 weeks of class, that I am enrolled into the class.

I am stunned and lost.... this is perhaps some sort of trial that I have not seen and heard of since my uni days. Think have to pray to God for a way out......


I should have blogged this earlier... but weeks of busyness and stuff delayed this post. In fact I have not been posting for quite some time due to what I am about to blog now. To give the context, here's when it all started:

It all started one normal evening at Raffles City Burger King, when the four of us came together to decide what kind of matric orientation will we plan this time round. And I ended up with this:

Now let me reveal the wonderful journey of ACTSCalibre for you, from the viewpoint of an OG member from the INDIA og of ACTSCalibre and not from the viewpoint of the Operations Head of ACTSCalibre. Well, this og officially met up on one particular sunday, of which the date isn't exactly important at this point, at Cenotaph, the World War I memorial. To sidetrack a bit, I am deeply amused by the memorial but that's for another time. And so the og met up for the first time here:

And there you have. India og. The ACTSCalibre is an orientation programme organised in …