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The Pharisees of Grace

I struggled whether I want to post up this blog, partly because I am very lazy to do so but I decided against the laziness.

I was wondering over the past few days on the concept of grace in our Christian life. Grace is a gift from God and we know that in some context, it denotes the empowerment of God to live a godly life. In the context of other Scriptures, such as Romans, we see the importance of this concept in Pauline theology - that the reception of the righteousness of God transfers us from the realm of sin to the realm of grace. Grace is thus linked to eternal life. In Romans 6:23, we see that the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life - thus implying that we earn what we deserve when we are reigned by sin but we receive what we do not deserve when we move to the realm of grace.

I once heard from somewhere (can't remember where the somewhere was) but I learn that grace cannot be demanded. If it is demanded, then it is not grace at all. If it is given…

A funny take on Joseph

And though she spoke to Joseph day after day, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her. - Genesis 39:10 To be fair, although the preceding verses explained why Joseph refused to go to bed with her, it may be because she is too ugly for his liking and he is just using God as an excuse. But in the lack of evidence to suggest such stuff, we may only conclude that his moral character is high enough to withstand such a temptation.

Part 2 of the story

For those who are nosy enough to know what exactly happened in December 2013:!The-Years-in-Between-Waiting-/c1kw6/C7D439B1-795D-4A79-9A49-67F2FB71F4D8

Of Pastoral Epistles: A Reflection

This post discusses some of my reflections for the intensive module on Pastoral Epistles which I took over the past few days.

Firstly, reflecting on the qualities of a leader makes me think about my own leadership journey. The one quality that has always stood out to me is the part on 1 Timothy 3:4 - where the leader is exhorted to manage his own household well. As I think about this quality, I ask myself if I am truly prepared to manage my own household well. This resonates with what I learned a few years back from a podcast sermon, where the preacher asked the single men if they are ready to form their own household. The key point behind that particular sermon was that in order to be able to manage one's own household well, the preparation has to start now, even if I am not about to get married. Today, being a leader who knows how to manage my own household well is something that I know that I will need to continue to grow in - particularly because I am someone who tends to be …