Yeah, today I change my blogskin to this FF8 skin.... I really like the background music. Really suit my feeling everytime I view it.

Say.... maybe it's time that I start learning the trades which I should have learnt long ago. I don't know... but it's a bit long overdue.

I keep wondering, what have I been doing for the past few days. Certainly a bit unproductive. Just had a potluck yesterday and seems to have engaged in a lot of interesting conversations as always. Thought of something to do for the chalet coming up and I think those kids will certainly like it.

Then, she suddenly flashed into my mind. Haven't I put aside everything regarding her? Why is she still remaining in my memory? Is it that there is no one I like enough to put her out of my mind? I don't know. July 18 was just two months ago. Time really flies. And gone with the wind. Maybe that's why I put up this skin and wants 'Fragment of memories' to play....

I guess that's all I have to write for now.

じゃ また 


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