Treasure each other.
Forget the existence of time,
Forget life and death.
Even if the next second is the end of the world,
As long as this second has not arrived,
It's still not reality yet.

This is a saying I pirated from a HK drama series called 'A Date with a Vampire Part 3'. In case you all don't know the story, go and watch the show, it's now being broadcasted over the national tv on Sunday evenings. I know the whole story cos I have watched the drama somewhere long before its time at Mediacorp TV. I must admit that I don't take too much notice of this quote when I saw it a few months ago. It only caught my attention recently and 'captivated my heart'. Maybe after what has happened over the past 8 weeks or so, my feelings undergoes a subtle change. Maybe it's the toil of studies, a feeling I have long for since that fateful 11/12/2003. Maybe it's a transmutation of a special feeling after 16/07/2005.

Heck, if it's the latter, it would be disastrous, cos it would be a joke to myself, since I told myself to let go of the feeling long ago. I don't know what should I call this feeling.... I know the one before 16/07/2005 is called love. A love for someone who should never have existed inside me. Can love transmutate into other things which can create changes in mentality? But really, I know I have long let go of the person, but how come this feeling still lingers, how come this feeling still stays on? Is it the feeling that's keeping me sane or driving me insane? I recognise this feeling from 5 years ago. Who still lingers?
Note: I'm not going insane, just some thoughts of the moment. Nothing much.

Anyway, I like the part that it's not reality as long as the second doesn't arrive. Truly, no one can foretell what the next second beholds. Even if it's not the end of the world, it's not reality yet. Moral of the story: Don't think about the end of the world, think about the present moment and forget that time is moving, cos time is always moving. In a way, I got this funny feeling that this quote actually means that love transcends time and boundary, a cliche of cliche but nevertheless, it's something that a lot of people don't understand. Hmmmm..... have I thought too much?


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