I think you thought

Hmmmm..... I never used to think that the people around are so interested in my life, though I know that there are people like that, the ones I know so far have not been able to understand my life. Being interested in one thing but to understand it is another. I used to have a friend, or I thought he's a friend, like that. It is the lack of understanding of each other's life, I think, that eventually can break up a friendship. I dun mind people getting interested in my life, but I think there is a thin line between interested and understanding. If you are interested, it's okay, but if you think after knowing my life means understanding it, it's a long way to go. Sentiments can be understood but not life. No one can fully comprehend and understand another person's life. I think you thought who can confirm?

Today a friend asked me a very funny, or not very funny question: is there any girl who have caught my heart in NUS so far? The answer is of course 'no', but he commented that I looked so guilty and not like myself when I answered that. Funny reaction to a funny question. I was quite certain that the answer is 'no', but being an expert in the subconsicous, I think that is a subconsicous part of me, which has been kena strucked down by someone out there. But consciously, I say 'no', means 'no' and it's a final 'no'. I dun think there is a distinct possibility that any girl I know would struck that inner self so down. Sometimes I just dun understand why people are so interested in my love affairs. Hmmm.....

This term break has been productive and non-productive for me. I have finished all my readings for my essay but quite a large chunk has proven irrelevant to me, and I haven't started on that essay yet. Haven't studied for any test, and haven't done anything useful for my projects and presentations. And I didn't go out and hang out with friends unless you count in that supper on Wednesday.


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