A late afternoon thought

Let me tell you the reason why divorce rate in Singapore is so high nowadays: The stone just keeps getting smaller and smaller and smaller, till you realise the previous ones are the biggest and the nicest.

Confused? I first thought that it means the diamond in the ring gets smaller and smaller.... then I realised that there's a hidden meaning behind it. An analogy to explain the whole thing. You are walking by the beach, and you find this very big and pretty stone. You like it a lot, but then you thought that there will be better one along the way, so you decided to give up the stone and hope to find a better one as you walk on. Of course, you will find similar stones but they somehow get smaller and smaller... then finally you decide on one, but you find out that the first one or the previous ones are better. Too late, the better ones have already been picked up by others.

Get the meaning? Sometimes do we really have to pick and choose, pick and choose until like that meh? Of course, you can argue that you can hold on to the first stone while you hope to look for a better one. Then ask yourself, what would be the burden on you. You may even need two hands to hold on to the stone while you look for another one. Then think about it again, if you find another stone of your liking, you have to put down the stone you are holding so that you can examine the other stone clearly. The moment you put down that stone, it's a chance for others to grab.

Linking this back to the starting point, then you understand that it's quite a probable reason and quite a substantiable reason... though it is always to my belief that marriage is the number one cause of divorce.

But there's another side to this story. It often takes loss to realise that you have gained. As the chinese saying goes: 失去才懂得珍惜. Sometimes, you just have to appreciate how true this statement is. Often, we dun fully understand the true value of the people around us when they are around. Even if we know, man's greatest 'longcoming' (in contrary to shortcoming) is taking things for granted. Taken in context of the discussion currently, just know that sometimes there may seem to have better stones out there, but once given up, dun expect to find a similar stone than the previous one. Dun miss the previous stones when they are picked up by people who will appreciate them cos you gave up the right.

Enough of divorce talks... we are not divorce lawyers, nor are we married people on verge of divorce or separation. Today has been a relaxing day.... went for a swim at SPGG with friends.... relaxing, and cool. Sometimes, it's good to give yourself a good break in such form, rather than facing the stupid screen updating your blog all the time... opps I just shot myself... have to bite the bullet now...


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