A late night supper

Just returned from a late night supper with two good friends. Discussed quite a lot of things, and eventually I dun know how and I i dun why our discussion began to touch on relationships. Maybe it's just the natural development, given that we are all around 'that age'. Then, I thought of one statement which I made to my friend previously:

'Love is the cause, effect and cure of lovesickness'

Wah, pro sia. This is just a by-the-way statement What really impressed me quite a lot in the conversation is that any guy will make any sacrifice for the one he loves. This I think is true, based on a perspective of a guy who tried to love but never actually really loved and still wants to pretend that he has loved. Come to think of it, it's really damn true. I remember one of my friends told me that being an 'aquarius', I'm a person who treasures my freedom and not wished to be tied down. But then, I did get myself tied down by 'her' and that 'entanglement' seemed ever so tightening. Wow, love really can create miracles that a person will not imagine and change a person beyond imaginable extent.

Another thing is about the difference in a guy and a girl when it comes to confessing feelings for each other. I must admit, a guy will do whatever little actions to let a girl knows that he likes her but a girl can only do one thing, which is confess straight in the face. Standing from my viewpoint, when a girl does the little actions to a guy, say giving him little presents or little appreciation notes, to a guy, he may have fantasy about that girl but a guy, unless in a case whereby fantasy takes control of reality, will always rationalise the girl's intention as just being friendly. In other words, a guy is a woodblock when it comes to such thing. But in both cases of guy and girl, the word 'pride' always plays the role of obstacles. Pride = (People rest, I do extra). Because of pride, people work extra in order to get what they want and this is exactly what happens in relationship too. Hmmm....

But then, true love creates miracles.

Believe and thy shall can.
Choose not to believe and thy shall not.

A translated phrase from the HK serial drama- Date with a vampire.


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