Laugh it off

Sometimes, I do think that unfound rumours and talks can really kill someone, or at least destroy them. As the saying goes: Food can anyhow eat, things cannot anyhow say, translated literally into Singlish from its chinese counterpart so that you all cannot accuse me of using broken English. I am once someone who go around spreading unfounded rumours... but ever since, I have been the victim of such cases. For the fun.... but sometimes things can really get out of control. Some friend asked me a question on Monday's lecture. I will not reveal the question since I know this implicates a lot of people and since I got my own blog fans (yeah, I'm thick skinned), it's more appropriate to hold off some info. Anyway, off sprouting from this question is another question, or rather, should I say another issue.

Imagine you hang out very frequently and very close with another person of the opposite gender. Nothing out of the ordinary, just plain hang out. Then this goes on for a while, inevitably people will start speculating.... I know cos I am a victim and I have also done that before. After that, it will reach a point when someone decides to ask: are you with him/her? But when you think you and the other person has clarified your relationship with the people around, you are faced back with one other question: Why dun you go with her/him? A bit strange but people do ask that question.

Why not? In the first place, the question asked assumes that you are a very desperate person and the person you are hanging out with seems to be the only choice available. Second, it assumes that just because that person is hanging out so often with you, it goes to imply that there should be a 'next stage'. Either way, dun you think it's unfair to the other person... the question sounds as if the problem's with you and not with the other person. Standing from a guy's point of view, if that 'the other person' is a girl, it's a bit damaging to other people's reputation and the guy's integrity. In the first place, it doesn't mean that you are close therefore you should 'get together'.

But then you can't stop people from talking, it's their mouths. Then just laugh it off. Now the time is way past midnight. I still have an essay to complete, an online discussion to do and several projects to handle.... plus personal issues to settle.


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