Long long time ago

It's the start of a so-called 'term break' and the start of a gruelling research on the Battle of Britain. Didn't do much for that topic yet. My mind has been boggering with other stuffs, or other distractions. Then I see one of my friends' blog post. She said, 'I'm not the person worth waiting for' or something along that line. Then I asked myself why is it that people just have so low confidence on themselves or keep claiming something that they thought it's just them, not the others.

That claim of my friend, the claim that she is not worth waiting for, is a claim made based on her own valuation of herself and her value to the other people. But, then the saying goes, 'there is no unworthy girl in this world, there is only guys who dun know how to appreciate.' To turn the argument around, all the girls in this world are worthy of love because each one of them has their own merits waiting for people to appreciate. The implication behind this argument is that if there is someone who is waiting for you, it only goes to mean that there is qualities in you which he appreciates and makes you worthy of the wait. Almost quite a lot of guys are waiting for their special someone. They want to wait, because they know that that they truly appreciate that special someone.

I also just watch something online. Then, the notion that there is no such thing as a good man around caught me. As a matter of fact, I do agree with that statement. A man good to one may not be good to another one. I reflected this upon myself and thought it through.... Have I been good to some people and proved myself to be not so good to others? I think so I have, but come to think about it, I'm as much an emotional creature as I'm a rational creature. I'm as illogical as I'm logical. Sounds like Hegel's dialectic.... hmmmm....

A lot of things to think about. Today is mid autumn. The moon is beautiful. There ought to someone out there who is going to appreciate the moon tonight. Appreciate is the word today. Yeah, appreciate the special someone, and the moon of course. Still have a lot of research to be done and that's all, folks.


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