One More Chance

'The court gave me ten years, you all gave me the death sentence.'

A very inspiring movie from Jack Neo again. This one is called 'One More Chance', about the struggle of three ex-convicts. It truly reflects the difficulty of turning over a new leaf after a stint in prison- a stigma which these poor guys have to suffer, assuming they really want to change their way of life, although the most funny part is the political joke about this guy who takes nude pictures of his maid, only to have his wife report him to the police because she's jealous of the maid's figure. Pretty clear who is that person in this political parody.

But one thing strucked me is that why is it that these people find so hard to look for this 'one more chance'? Actually it doesn't apply to these people also. Think about it, it does apply to all of us. When we betray other people, will they give us that one more chance, we wanna turn over a new leaf? Does that 'one more chance'really proved so hard to find? Or is it just in human nature that the 'one more chance' is so sacred that it's hard to give it away?

Another thing which struck me in this movie is the issue on loved or be loved. How should we love someone or be loved by someone? If given a choice, what will you choose- loving someone else or be loved by someone else? Put it in another word, will you go with the one you love or the one who loves you? A difficult choice, since the one you love may not be the best person to love and the one you dun love may well be the one who loves you the most. There are two different interpretations people may go after:

1) I want to go with the one I love. Cos love is free and blind. Long live freedom of love. If I'm not with the one I love, then I will not be happy. Life will be miserable, life is sad, life is unbearable!!!

2) I would rather go with the one who loves me. At least I know I'm being loved and I will not be deprived of love.

Of course, you may say, 'Hey! There can always be the case when the one you love is the one who loves you.' True enough but what if you are stucked in the above mentioned situation? What will you choose? What about me? You will wanna ask what will I choose. For me, it's a painful choice if I cannot choose the one I love and have to choose the one who loves me. But as a guy, I want to love the one I love, so that I can make sure that the girl whom I love can get the love she deserves. Of course it may not be the case where the girl I love is not the one who loves me, dun know why this always happens to me but it's a reality up to today.

But enough of me, what should other choose? I think... for a girl, it's better to choose a guy who loves you. Although being a bit MCP here, but in a current MCP society, it's better for a girl so that you won't feel 'lugi'. I dun wanna say more of this, since it's up to the individual.


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