Not that I don't want to say

So, where had I been for the past week or so? Was I on Earth, or did I manage to travel to the moon and grab a piece of rock back to Earth? Well, I was on Earth, right here in Singapore. I can't get onto the moon cos NASA said that I was too good for them, they are too lousy for me and so I decided to stay in Singapore and do something else. So what did I do? The answer is here I don't think I want to say too much here, but let the blog do the talking instead... So... can't go in? Well, you know who to approach for the password, so go and ask that person for permission in... Not that I don't want to say, it's just that it will be a bit stupid for me to type everything out here when there's something out there which has already done all the talking. I'm not lazy, just trying to act very smart. I don't think I'll talk about it any further..., unless I am asked to.

Today, Robert told me that I should blog about what we have discussed over supper on Monday. And since 'ask and thy shall be given', it shall be blogged. Basically, one question that popped out in our casual discussion over certain issues is who will you call if you know you have only one more day to live. Or let me rephrase it in a better way: You know you have only a day left, and you haven't had a girlfriend, who would you call and ask her to be your girlfriend? It's a bit of dilemma for me, cos previously, I was being interrogated about who's the female friend around me at the current moment which I like most. Since I could not answer that first question, I found it a bit difficult to answer the second one... but both of us agreed that we would most likely call the closest girl around us. Then another question emerged today: Who's that person if you call the person you like? Now, here's a paradox... I dun think I need to explain why.

Well, am I getting too evasive? I dun know sia... Yesterday I just saw her picture over the msn. Imagine just when you wanna say: 'hey, I will let go of the long engagement and start over again', you thought you can let go and yet it seems like you are clutching to it tightly subconsciously... then it seems that everything around just looks like a replacement to this engagement, a replacement to fill up the hole. It just looks like what you have done is what you should have done long ago. It seems that what you are doing is just to fill up the gap..., the things which you ought to have done. Sometimes, I dun even know what I have done is right... Well, one thing I can confirm is that I dun know the answer to all the three questions. Hmm.... actually I dun know the answers to all the questions we discussed that night... Now thinking about it, everything now seems to mirror what happened... or am I imagining things too much...


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