Taking a liking

Well, I have been listening to Jay Chou's new album and I kinda like the song he sang with Lara. Here, I would like to share with my fans this part of the songs, which I sorta taken a liking to:

海鸟跟鱼相爱, 只是一场意外

Well, I think this is a beauiful analogy. For those who cannot read chinese, either because you are not a chinese, or because you dun want to be a chinese (in that case, what the hell are you doing in my blog), I shall translate:

The love of seagull and fish is just an accident

Well, it seems that the whole thing makes no sense, but it does make a lot of sense to me. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out how to bring the song to you people. So, akan datang.


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