Back with ... no vengence

Just came back from a beautiful trip to Genting. Though it's two days and one night, it just amazed me how the world is being created. Until now,even though I have been to Genting for quite a number of times for the past few years, I still can't but feel how 'wow' and 'whoaz' that place is. The climate is good, and imagine spending your weekend in the cloud... literally in the cloud. You can literally see the cloud in front of you... some sort of feeling that you are in heaven starbucking with God (if you believe in Him).

We had quite some fun there, me and my group of YRC khakis. And had a celebration for my cousin, Simin's and Kaili's birthday in the midst of the night, before the gang opened the in-hotel-room mini casino ver 1.0 beta. For the benefit of those who wanna see, I will now let you all see what happened that night (not that spectacular compared to the one I did earlier of course):

That's the entry of the cakes, the one wearing black jacket is Weekeat, you can't see him now but you will see him later. Picture not probably taken but what we were doing was simply holding on to two tiramisu cake... with no candles.

This girl in the picture is not female lead, but one of their dear 'sisters'. In case you guys are wondering, her name is Wenting and by the way, she's taken, so guys, too bad.

Now, these two are the female lead of the night. The one in the background is my cousin and the one in the foreground is Kaili. Dun know whether they are looking surprised or what. What I know is that they were engrossed in watching 'The Grudge' before the entry.

Now, the handsome in gray is me, in case you all dun know. That is me going to present the gifts to the birthday girls.

Of course, I got my cousin's boyfriend, Hui, a potential cousin-in-law, to present the gift to her. And guess what's the gift? It's a jigsaw of the couple together. How sweet...

And of course, since I got the birthday girl to present the gift to the other birthday girl. And the gift is of course the two in jigsaw. For those who expected more, unfortunately, there is no more excitement after this cos the TV was showing 'The Grudge' and everyone was too engrossed to know how the story progressed. In any case, the in-hotel-room mini casino ver 1.0 beta was going to start soon and it wouldn't be too good if I were to show you all people gambling.

Well, just in case you all are wondering who I went to Genting with, not including the adults, this is the pic to show you. We took it on the way back... while we are stucked at the causeway. The back three are, from the left, little sheep xiao yang, little Ah Seng chin seng, potential cousin-in-law hui. The one in the center right at the front is of course my cousin Simin. The girls behind her are from the left, Wenting, Kaili and my the other cousin Jaclyn. The guy in blue beside Jaclyn came from the world of X-men, because his name is Xavier, the guy behind him is Wireless Weekeat. For the rest of the two guys, I leave it to you all to figure it out. Of course, this is not all but well, not everyone was able to go for the trip.

Well, the trip was not only a trip of enjoyment on the whole. It was also an opportunity for me to do some reflections up in the hill. Something really quite strucked me throughout my conversations with my dear khakis on the way, especiallly during breakfast on our way there. To sum that up, it's about the type of choices we choose to make. Just want to bring out one example to illustrate what I want to discuss. One of my friend recently picked up smoking and he told me that it's because in this way, he's able to interact with the people in his camp better. To me, it's the ultimate bullshit but I'll not dwell into that as yet. Then, it occurred to me that this friend of mine sorta has no spiritual life. Now this creates two choices: Pick up smoking to know more friends or Get a spiritual life. Now, think about it. He keeps emphasising that it's not stupid to pick up smoking so that he can interact with the people in his camp (for what?) but he condemns the notion of having a spiritual life, which may result in a more fulfilling life than he expects. Ok, point it down to the bare bones. A spiritual life is as addictive as smoking but one thing for sure, while smoking does no good to the human body, at the very least, a good spiritual life will result in you becoming a better person. I'm not saying that he dun know how to think, but it's just that I think if it's not stupid to pick up smoking, then it shouldn't be more stupid to engage yourself in a spiritual life, right? Think about it.

That's why I say that it's the ultimate bullshit that I have ever heard (of course there are more) and I think there are other ways to know people than using smoking as a means. Practically, it costs money and this friend of mine is always financially strapped, so to pick up smoking is not a financially wise choice for him. Also, I have found ways to interact with people throughout my NS days without resorting to smoking. I seriously can't think of any good reason why people would wanna pick up smoking. You dun look cool and certainly you smell after smoking. It doesn't relieve stress as much as exercise and people, including him, find all sort of excuse to 'siam' exercise but find all sort of reasons to justify smoking. That makes interaction and claims of social smoking even a lamer excuse. Moreover, if you bother to expand your social circle and search for a spiritual life, you may even gain more lasting friends than the one you make during the 'suicide' sessions with the ultimate 'stupids' (smokers I mean).

Sometimes, people ought to make choices but they made choices without thinking through and attempts to justify after making them. Strange and funny but this is really how I see mankind works.

With this, I signed off. Till I write again, adios.


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