Celebrating half a year of knowing

Isn't it amazing? Sometimes I am just amazed by how things work out. As I write this, it's already the 26 Dec. Christmas is over and birthday is less than a month away. Now wondering how the rest of the people are going to play me... hmmm... but anyway, back to the topic. It's really so amazing. I went out to Bugis with some of my friends, two actually. Two very close friends. And it just so happens that today, 26 Dec, a day just after Christmas, we have known each other for half a year already. Whoaz! Ever since that fateful welcome tea, which seems to transform and shape all the events which led up till now. Come to think of it, if I didn't agree to attend the Gen Acts welcome tea on 26 June, I wouldn't have known all the close friends that I have known in NUS, Robert, Qiaoping (well I met her a few days later), Yanting, Kenneth, to name a few. Of course there are others too. But thinking about it, we wouldn't have known each other at such a close level of friendship if I haven't really taken the step to get to know them better. Well, taking the four I have mentioned, for Robert, if I didn't accept his invitation for Dota on 28 June (I think), I think our friendship would have stopped at a 'hi bye' level. For Qiaoping, if I didn't accept Robert's invitation, I wouldn't have gotten to know her. For Yanting, if I didn't exchange hp no. that day at the welcome tea (well I could easily have done so but I dun know why I asked for their no.), she wouldn't have sms me a few weeks after asking me for my msn add, and therefore starting our friendship formal. For Kenneth, if I haven't known Qiaoping who persuaded me to join in the Gen Acts matriculation package, I would not have known him so intimately as I have today. In fact, what a twist! Considering all of us come from different background, would not have known each other, just got to know each other. And of course, if there isn't the welcome tea, events would not have triggered off. And well, if I haven't known this bunch of friends, I would have ended as what I have planned before that - study@library after lessons, or hanging out with my JC pals, which doesn't sound that bad either, other than the fact that they are going at a different route as I am, and I'm not the type normally easily influenced by peers, unless what they are doing is as accordance to what I want to do. Just think about it, things can so easily go the other way.

In any case, New Year's coming and a new semester arriving. Will definitely have a few New Year resolutions to come, concerning my friends and my grades of course. So far, my results have not let me down but this is only the beginning of the long battle. The challenge is to keep it up there and bring it up. Well... if it's a few months ago, I would have thought it difficult but currently, I know I have a strong ally =P .

Anyway, till I write again. Signing off and hope all will have wonderful post Christmas day


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