Departing to a new era of challenge

The new semester is going to start soon, and I still haven't finalised all my modules and I still have to make up my mind whether to do six modules or five. Equally probable that it can go both ways, but in any case, since I can only bid for five modules in the first two rounds of bidding, I might as well decide on which five modules to bid first, rather than worrying for a sixth module which may not take place at all.

One of my friends just introduced me to a blog just now and I must admit that I dun really enjoy that blog. But one of the stories in the blog did inspire me to think of certain issues. The question comes to my mind: so what would you do if you find that your life sucks or that your life has been empty, void of care and attention? In the modern society (or the world of the young and the new), a few solutions are offered and I shall go through them one by one. I probably have discussed these in my previous posts but well, it's good to bring it up again to refresh my fans' memory.

1. Smoking

We have to admit that in the modern society, more and more people are turning to smoking to relieve stress and to try to fill their life. How, you may ask. Well, dun ask me the science cos there is no science behind smoking able to relieve stress. But there are people who says that only through smoking can they get to know more friends and interact with interesting people. Pause here and think for a second. See the logical flaw behind the argument? So, from this, I would take it that fellowship with other people is built upon the weak foundation of smoking, in another word, the friendships are built on smoke rather than on solid ground. Not that I associate smoking with other stuffs. And in any case, smoking as a solution to fill up your life is totally crap concept, at least in a monetary sense. The tobacco farmers are only earning more, despite the increasing tax upon cigarettes. Maybe smokers can turn to cigars for a change. =P In a serious note, I dun think smoking is a good viable option.

2. Drinking and ...

Dun get me wrong. I'm a drinker too, but I dun base my life on drinking. There are some people who base their life on such. Not too many cases as smoking, and not too many cases of people of my age and younger. But let's take the concept further and associate drinking with a place you would expect people to drink. That'll bring us to the term clubbing. Again, dun mistaken me. I do think that going out and club once in a while is a good way to relieve stress but going out clubbing on a regular basis is a different story. But there are really people who I would term them as party freaks who turn up in a club once everyday and drink themselves crazy to the point of no return. And of course, what better place than club to make new friends since everyone is so opened towards knowing new people? Think again. Well, for those who are reading this, I'm sure you know of friends who are like this and I shall not elaborate any further.

3. Primal instinct

I just wanna make it look chim but it all boils down to one word: sex. There are people who prowl the streets and of course clubs and pubs for a night of 'excitement'. After all, this is what we are created for, and by fulfilling our primal instinct, we should be filling up our lifes and we should be satisfied. We feel empty because we need someone to spend time with us and what better way than... I shall not dwell into the details, because firstly, I'm not an expert on this and secondly, I dun want this to degenerate into an erotic story. But yeah, you all get the story. Also known as one night stand and flings.

All in all, it can all be summarise mainly into these three categories. I mean the solutions offered in modern society. Of course there are more viable and more probable one than the three, but I'll leave it up to my fans and readers of my blog to find out by themselves.

Till I write again, adios. Signing off.


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