Overly excited - healing...

I came down to school this morning... actually just a few hours before I write this post... feeling a bit sick... with a sore throat and a slight cough. I planned to go to the comcen to print my notes and then go arts canteen to eat my 'lunch' before I proceed to LT11 to do what I am going to do now: 'listening to a seemingly boring lecture from the JS dept.' Honestly speaking, to me... the bulk of the interesting part has to do with history... hahaha...

Anyway, I printed my notes and went to HQ. I saw Calyn, Jitsy and ....

Whoaz... God really have a way of saying: I have other better things for you than for you to go waste time at the arts canteen and LT11.

I witnessed Zhen Zhu receiving Christ into her life.

Healing... I never know getting excited over a new sister can heal a sore throat and a cough.

Anyway, what a way to start a day.

What a way to start a day than to see a new sister into the family.

What a way....

God, You are great.


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