Surprises from God

What started from a seemingly normal prayer meet turned out to be quite a fruitful one for me today. Attended Hope's quarterly prayer meet this evening. It was my first and it will not be my last... but to be honest, I was quite clueless about how it will be like and how God will touch me. QP asked us to set some objectives which we want to achieve in the meet, and sure I went in with some objectives. But it is an understatement to say God acts in a way that is way beyond logic.

During the meet, while we were having praise and worship, God revealed his answer to the objectives which I wanted to achieve. A simple, fundamental and yet striking revelation, which helped me understand quite a lot of things. God told me, the answer in achieving what I asked for, is to humble myself before Him.... to humble myself before Him and put down all pride and honour so that He can use me to achieve the objectives. It's such a simple thing. By humbling myself to Him, in the process, I will learn to humble myelf before other people and also learn to humble myself in my studies. Humility is therefore the keyword, the one single keyword I got out of the prayer meet this evening. And in the midst of all these, God showed me a vision... I saw myself in a taxi, someone was driving the taxi, and I was in the passenger seat... I didn't know what to do and where to go, and the meter was rising by the minute.... then I realise that it was God who was driving the taxi, taking me to where I should be going and He told me... He has already paid the fee for me, all I need to do is to trust Him and He will take me to where I should be.

In the process, I also realised something... which sort of made me quite ashamed of myself. I realise... that how come some of us only learn to worship Him during service, CG meeting, unit meeting, whatever meeting and not learn to worship Him in our daily lifes, in our quiet time, when we are doing other things. In essence, we ought to learn to keep Him at the center of our life constantly, and not during times like services and prayer meet. Sort of quite similar to the service sermon last Saturday.

All in all, quite a fruitful prayer meet. God really got a way to respond to our questions and He has His own ways to bring us through all sort of situations. This in fact served to remind me to trust in Him with all my hearts and lean not in my own understanding. To continue trusting Him and continue to humble myself before His holy presence.

Refreshing... inspiring... revealing...


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