To give up

Last night, I was privileged enough to enter the last district meeting and had the chance of having 4 leaders in the district who are moving on to the adult group to share their 'last words' with us. They shared quite a lot of their valuable thoughts and experience but there are actually two things which quite strucked me.

Tony, in the midst of sharing, told us how he had seen leaders who have served God to their best of their ability but yet suffered in terms of results. He mentioned that it is both possible to serve God fully and yet enjoy good result as well. It truly strucked a chord in me, especially after hearing that he has managed to obtain good result and yet managed to serve God in the same capacity as others. I truly believe, that God has a reason in putting me in NUS studying history in major and technopreneurship in minor. One thing is that by placing me there, I believe that God also wants me to do well in my studies, so that I can in turn glorify Him and bear testimony of His grace and greatness. And I believe that it is possible to juggle both ministry and studies together. For those who know, I have to juggle between not only ministry and studies but also other involvements.

Then Alan shared. He shared the 4 visions for the district but what really moved me most, is when he started talking about meeting this SOC student who got himself involved in mlm and managed to land himself 3rd in the ranking. I'm not so much concerned about that ranking, though it implies that he's doing quite well in the industry. But what really started my chain of thought is when Alan mentioned about reaching out to him. I really wonder... how much is he willing to give up in order to know God. I know, really know, that coming to know God involves a price, not only to humble thyself before Him. Knowing Him means to give up whatever that does not conform to His values and principles. Of course it involves more than that but I just find the right wordings to express it. If this guy, if one day he really receive Christ, will he be willing to give up mlm to serve God? It's not a matter of time juggling now. It's a matter of value conflict. I dun wish to elaborate much about this point. This led to another reflection... how much have I given up when I came to know God. I know I gave up 2 very 'so-called' things that was dominating my life then. I shall not elaborate any much more further now. But now thinking and reflecting about it, I ask myself, have I really regretted giving up in order to receive Christ? Then I realised that it's not about what I have given up, but what I have received. In the gospel, Peter, Andrew, James and John left their nets (their livelihood) and chose to follow Jesus. So, what is giving up? To follow Christ means taking up the cross. So, it's what I received, which is worth much more, means much more, and cost much more. I wouldn't say that I did not regret giving up, but I would say I have not regretted making that decision on 10 Dec 2005.

To give up? I gave up for much more. I know. I really know.


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