District Camp

Just returned from the FFF Uni District Camp which was held at Fairypoint Aloha Changi. It can be said to be a refreshing retreat for me, and I believe for all the other brothers and sisters as well. This camp also allowed me to think of issues that I ought to have known but not perceived and understood. Therefore, I must say, it's quite spiritually reviving and allows me to committ again to God's hand and allow Him to become the centre of my life once more.

3 'new' sisters joined the cg. They are not 'new' as in this is the first time we meet them or they just received Christ or what, but they are new as in they just joined our cg from NUS T cg. In an instance, NUSA3 suddenly increased in strength but something troubled me quite a lot. The demo of the cg currently stands at 9 sisters (1 SEP) and 2 brothers, including me. It sort of tells us straight in the face that we are not growing as much as we ought to... But then looking at the bright side, I can really expect new times with an old cg which recently has changed a new face. It will certainly be very exciting to work with the new sisters in the cg. And certainly this coming matric season will be a good time for the men's ministry within the NUS group to grow.

Meanwhile, a lot of research to be done for the forum on Sunday. Will probably be publishing an article on my research after Sunday and an article on Da Vinci Code soon. In the meantime, akan datang.


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