Of being Christ-like

Recently I have been reading John C.Maxwell's book on Developing the leader within us and just finished three chapters about influence, priority and integrity. Makes me really think about the one person in this earth which we should all imitate. His name is Jesus Christ, the only perfect man in this world, who can make both man and woman go gaga over. He is not only the perfect man, but one perfect leader which if every leader imitates, the world will be a better place. He perhaps has the influence- people respect for who He is. He knows His priority- to redeem mankind from sin. He has the integrity to be consistent and do what He says. Certainly one man I want to emulate as I enter this matric season. Certainly one man I want to trust upon as the matric seaon draws near.

Currently, there is this release of a 'fantastic' movie called the Da Vinci Code, acted by Tom Hanks. As all know, the DVC makes dubious claims about Christianity. Although it tried to portrait the RC in bad light, but it affected those who believed in Christ. As this movie surfaced, I really thank God that I am a historian who is open minded to search for the truth. I must say I dun know what Dan Brown's intention was when he started writing the DVC. Maybe he wants to do a Charles Templeton in a novel style. Maybe he was disillusioned by the Church and therefore set out to discredit the church. I dun know. But all I know is that because he violated the integrity of history, the truth he claims in his book will forever discredit him instead. Perhaps he's just another atheist out to disclaim the claims of Christ.

The NYC just called me up today for an interview for the NYF. The door seems opened. Clara talked to me on Sunday regarding this. It's about committment and priority. The NYF is currently a golden opportunity to expand out my social network and become more globally poised as stated in the district visions. But there's of course a danger that the NYF will take up too much time that I won't be full hearted for the matric. It's about difficult choice this time. Just like what QP asked the other time, if let's say I'm being appointed by God to take care of people and I am offered the chance to go NOC, what will I choose? It's all about difficult choice, making the choice that's the best. The best choice? I have faith that God will close the door which will certainly not work out the best for me within His framework for me.

Of being Christ-like. Of rebuking DVC. Akan datang


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