Anno Domini

This year is A.D 2006. Today, we use A.D and B.C to label our date, the year so that we have some sort of a gauge as in which year we are in. There had been various attempts to change the way we label our year. The ancient Chinese, before they got to learn about this sort of labelling, label their year using their emperors as a guage, like the 3rd year of Emperor Han Wudi. If I dun remember wrongly, some ancient civilisations also used such method to label their years. The French tried in the 1790s to change the way, by scraping the whole calendar and using a new one. But today, we are calling this year A.D 2006. This means something, other than the fact that you see ABCD in A.D and B.C.

A.D is the latin word for Anno Domini, which literally translates as 'in the year of the Lord'. And B.C means 'before Christ'. In case my readers are so wols, just let me spend a bit of time explaining. The years 'before Christ' are the years before Jesus Christ was born... as a human on the face of this earth. The years 'Anno Domini', are the years of the Lord, the Lord meaning Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords. In case you are still blur, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob calls Himself and is addressed as 'the Lord God'. So, when we say in the years of the Lord, I dun mean in the years of 'Lord of Avernius' or in the years of Lord George Bush. If anyone wanna offer an alternative answer, please go ahead. But nevertheless, when we said the year of the Lord, it means literally in the years of Jesus Christ. There is no A.C or After Christ, because if Jesus is alive and still around, how can it be said 'After Christ'?

The moral of the whole explanation is clear. To put it simply, to tell me that this is A.D 2006, you are implicitly telling me that Jesus Christ is Lord. You are implicitly acknowledging Jesus Christ. This is one thing which atheists can try to explain away. But the truth is that we are all acknowledging Jesus when we tell each other this is A.D 2006. To totally not believe in God is also to reject the entire calendar we are using. Maybe someone can try that.

This is A.D 2006


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