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The World Cup season is coming. It is only once every four years that we see people from all over the world coming together to watch the greatest event in soccer, people abandoning their cultural differences or any personal differences to come together to watch their favourite soccer teams pitting against one another. I used to think that soccer may be a very good way in uniting the people around the world together, especially after the Third-place playoff in 2002 when the Turkey team joined in hands in hands with the South Korea team to thank the supporters for their supports. Today, I think there is a better way than soccer. After all, although being the most popular sport in the world currently, there are many people who still dun understand why people would be interested in 22 people chasing after one stupid ball. Furthermore, based on experience, when it comes to deep appreciation of the sports, somehow or rather, especially so in Singapore, discussions between the females about soccer will eventually boil down to the most handsome player and criticism of the manager who refused to play their favourite (apparently the most handsome one they thought) player in the game. Somehow or rather, the most handsome player is the best player... -_- I know that I run the danger of stereotyping the gender issue in soccer, but at least that's what I really see over at my side.

Yesterday at service, I saw this ad asking for interested vocalists to audition for the tertiary worship team. I was telling myself... 'whoaz, the chance has come for me to serve with my voice'. Then Jessie came and reminded me of the truth... I have to be a shepherd and a member to qualify... diaoz... In any case, quite true also. I ought to utilise my time to grow much more first before I can consider serving at such a high level. After all, my main priority currently is to help the NUS ministry to grow. I was also reminded of a sad fact yesterday... that the brothers in the NUS ministry may be 'swallowed up alive' by the sisters if we do not start to grow. Not to say that there is a gender bias or what, but it will be more benficial for the ministry if the strength of the brothers can grow. I think this is a great burden that God has instilled in me and I'm sure that it's one that God has instilled in every brothers too.

I also read a piece of news in the papers yesterday, after I got back home. The SDA now is currently in a series of internal conflict. It seems that Chiam See Tong's refusal to groom a successor has led to some contempt within the party. Steve Chia has actually suggested that Chiam steps down and allow others to rise. Chiam gave a number of reasons why he should not step down but I think somehow or rather, for the sake of the SDA (though I'm not an opposition supporter but to be fair), he really should start thinking of internal self renewal and stop making the whole SDA depending on his personality to do things. I was rather disappointed that time when I saw the campaign posters in the wards which the SDA was contesting. At the background of the posters is the face of Chiam, as if to tell the voters that to vote for the SDA candidates is also to vote for Chiam. To a certain extent, Chiam has sort of become the 'icon' of SDA. I was asking myself, is that right? Is that good for the SDA on the whole. At least on the WP's side, the self renewal is pretty impressive, though I'm not sure of its prospect if Low Thia Khiang and Sy Lim are not around. In any case, Chiam's reasons for not stepping down gave me the impression that he wants to hold on to power within the SDA, which sort of sound repulsive to me (I dun like his face already). In my opinion, time for some self renewal within the various political parties. If the WP and the PAP can do that, I can't see why the SDA can't. Although I'm not a supporter of the opposition, but to be fair, if they wanna survive, the very least to do is to constantly renew themselves and make themselves relevant to the voters.

Saying enough, I have to start filming. In times to come, I shall write again.


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