You know it

I was reading one of my friend's blog just now and he comments something like you will know it when you belongs. Somehow or rather, this just striked a chord in me. I can still remember around 1 year minus 21 days, I met the current group of people whom I now hang out with quite often, the group of people who eventually become part of my life, who become my spiritual family. Somehow or rather, when I met them initially, I felt a sense of attachment, though the sense wasn't that strong at that time, but I felt comfortable being with them. It's those kind of moment when you felt a sense of possibility that you might be clicking into the group. Ever since I received Christ, I had gradually came to realise that it's all within God's planning. The most amazing thing is really that you will know it and realise it after everything. Such is the mystery of God's planning.....

Such is the mystery of God's planning...


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