DNA = Dead now Alive

It seems like it all came back to one big circle.

Several months ago, in the beginning of last semester, there was this New Believers' Party, celebrating the incoming of the new believers to the whole NUS sub-d. There was me, Swee Leong, Calyn, Kaili and Hongdao. We had a good time then in E1A, that time I shared my testimony, we had a surprise performance for the whole sub-d. I didn't stay till the DNA ceremony but I was able to enjoy the whole event. The skit put up by others was great, especially the way they portrayed the way we came to HOPE.

Several months later, there came the Alpha.

Several months later, in a bungalow at Jalan Tetila near Kovan, we were celebrating the incoming of new believers again. It was another New Believers' Party. This several months saw several of us from the previous party grew to become follow uppers and taking up other roles in the whole sub-d. We all had grown stronger in Christ and it was quite evident. And this several months later we saw the transformation of God in us. The video was fantastic... I didn't expect that the sharing I made of Yuan Tao to come out like that, as in I didn't realise how heartfelt it was until I saw the video itself. It was just 感触多多, really felt a lot for this brother. And this time, it was the brothers and sisters who came in as a result of Alpha who were giving testimonies. And I was really touched by Yuan Tao and Xingchong's testimonies.

I was looking around at the 'new brothers and sisters' (I was not any older either) and suddenly, it was just... it was just... it can only be God. It can only be Him...


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