An article from The Ridge

I never read the ridge - a publication from NUSSU, but then I was referred to this article in the lifestyle section of the magazine, entitled 'Into the mind of our NUS Bachelor' where this girl called Xiuzhen delves into the multi-personality of Jared Kok, actor, model, NUM student ambassador, Cleo and possibly lawyer-to-be to find out what really this eligible bachelor is about. The segment which I want to comment about refers to the last question she asked him:

Q: Since you mentioned that you are single, tell our readers what kind of girls are you looking for?

A: I've gone through this period of my life where I dated a lot of fairly good-looking, and quite party-animal type of girls. Now I'm not actually looking for anybody, just want to take a break, get my life together, especially since school is starting. But if I were to choose someone, I would like to go after a good girl for a change, a nice, good Christian girl who has her world together, and has her life together.

My comment: This guy certainly has an attitude problem and a problem with his understanding of Christian girls. From this comment, it seems to me that he thinks that Christian girls are there for the grab and he can anytime date any girls as he likes. I dun necessarily worry for my sisters in HQ but I'm quite interested to be there when he tries to hit out at one of the sisters... interested to see how his viewpoint will be slapped at him at the face to prove himself wrong. One thing for certain, I know from his answer that he dun know what he is doing when he decided to have a relationship with the girls, and he dun know what a relationship is all about and he dun know the importance of a relationship and he certainly thinks that he's playing a game. You can see when he commented that he's 'taking a break'. What the .... This guy, to me, deserves a slap in his face for being so frivolous in his view with girls in general. Here, I give my faith to all Christian sisters around in NUS and Singapore, that if he, one day, really goes after a Christian girl, he will probably not succeed. I know I'm generalising here but a Christian girl would probably not go out with him for a date, if she understands what she's in for and understands the meaning of a biblical relationship. I must here clarify that I know at this point, I'm being too overly generalised about how this guy is like and the kind of reaction he will receive from the girls he said he'll be going after, and by no means, there will be exceptions and there will be loopholes in this argument of mine. Of course, if this guy managed to know Christ, or have already known Christ and understand the kind of relationship God wants us to have, then I would say all the best for him.


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