As you all might see, I have just revamped my blog to a more simpler looking one, at a time when I was supposed to be studying and rushing my video project. But then, just wanna take a break and do something I ought to have done long ago. This new skin of my blog is now simpler, nicer, and conveys my current identity better. It takes less time to load and well, easier to read also. I might put back in my daily bread section, if I have the time to alter the previous code. But then, I can say that this current design is up for your viewership and is now about 90% done. Firefox and IE users will also enjoy seeing the same interface, and I basically removed any codes which make the Firefox version look different from the IE version. I'm switching to open source software now, and I will make sure that whatever I do, it will not only look alright in Firefox, but also IE.

Anyway, do comment on this new skin.


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